Top 17 Free Online Phishing Tools

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Apr 12, 2023 02:11 am PST

With the increase in online transactions and digital communication, the threat of phishing scams has become more prevalent than ever hence the need for phishing tools. Phishing scams have become increasingly common in recent years and can significantly threaten your online security. As per IBM’s report, phishing constituted 16% of the primary attack methods used in cybercrime, resulting in an average breach cost of $4.91 million. The Q3 2021 phishing review by Cofense reveals that phishing attacks are involved in nearly 93% of modern breaches. Fraudulent attempts to acquire sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and payment card information by pretending to be a reliable institution over email or other online communication channels. This can lead to serious consequences such as financial loss and identity theft.

Knowing the warning indications of a phishing email and how to verify its integrity is crucial for avoiding falling for such fraudsters. There are several online tools available that can help users determine if an email is a phishing attempt. These tools scan the email for suspicious links, attachments, and other red flags that may indicate the email is not genuine.

The best part is that many online checking tools are free and easy to use. By simply copying and pasting the contents of the email into online phishing tools, users can quickly and easily determine if the email is a phishing attempt. These tools can provide users with peace of mind and help to prevent them from falling victim to phishing scams. Overall, online checking tools are essential tools in the fight against phishing scams. Users may protect their sensitive information and keep one step ahead of fraudsters by using these phishing tools.

Importance Of Free Online Phishing Tools

Free online checking with phishing tools can help individuals identify phishing emails and protect themselves from cyber-attacks. They scan emails for suspicious links, attachments, and content and alert users if they suspect an email is a phishing attempt. This ensures that individuals can verify the legitimacy of emails before clicking on links or downloading attachments. These tools are essential if you receive emails from unknown senders or are unsure if an email is legitimate.

Using these phishing tools, you can detect phishing attempts early and take the necessary steps to protect your information. They can also help you report phishing attempts to the relevant authorities, preventing others from falling victim to the same scam. Free online checking is an essential tool in the fight against phishing attacks. By using these tools, individuals can protect themselves from the devastating effects of cybercrime and keep their sensitive information safe.

Top 17 Free Online Phishing Tools

● CheckPhish    

● EasyDmark            

● IsitPhishing          

● OpenPhish            

● hishBankv             

● Phishing Kit         

● PhishingArmy     

● PhishingCheck 

● PhishStats              

● PhishTank            

● StopForumSpam

● ThreatCOp          

● URL Scan  

● Phishing.Database 

● PhishingInitiative

● Phish Report  

● KnowBe4


CheckPhish is one of the AI-powered online phishing tools that verify the legitimacy of emails and links for free. It employs deep learning, NLP, and computer vision to assess suspicious websites as a human would. The engine can access millions of image and text samples, enabling accurate detection. Users can easily upload an email and receive a report on its legitimacy in seconds. Additionally, CheckPhish provides a detailed report containing sender information, links, and attachments, and its interface is user-friendly.


EasyDmark is also one of emails verification phishing tools that use AI algorithms to detect phishing attempts and malicious links in emails, messages, and other online content. It employs DMARC to verify the authenticity of emails and provides users with information about the sender and domain. EasyDmark has an intuitive interface and generates a report that includes the DMARC policy, whether the email passed or failed the policy check, and a breakdown of the email headers and authentication mechanisms used.


IsitPhishing is an automatic website exploration engine that determines whether a website is based on community data. It employs heuristic algorithms and a database of well-known phishing websites with machine learning to detect agile and small phishing waves containing dynamic links. It explores webpages in 1.8 seconds and protects users while alerting brands during and after phishing waves. IsitPhishing provides information on the website or email address, including associated IP addresses and domains, as well as a risk score and comments.


OpenPhish is an automated platform for phishing intelligence that identifies and analyzes phishing sites in real time without using external resources. It’s community-driven and allows users to report and verify phishing sites. The phishing tools detection engine single out live URLs and extracts metadata like targeted brands, networks, geographical locations, phishing kits, and drop accounts. OpenPhish generates a report with information on the email sender, links, and attachments and offers an API for developers.


PhishBank aggregates data from multiple sources to comprehensively view current phishing threats. It employs machine learning algorithms to detect and track new phishing sites. PhishBank maintains a database of reported phishing attacks and provides a search function for users to check if an email or website is included. Users can report suspicious emails or websites to improve the tool’s accuracy. PhishBank is a community-driven project that relies on user contributions to improve its effectiveness. 

Phishunt is a free online tool that shares live phishing tools cases with details and screenshots to make the internet safer. It searches suspicious domains on various sources and checks if it’s malicious in, Google Safe Browsing, PhishTank, or OpenPhish to expose them for a takedown. The tool is easy to use and web-based, requiring no technical expertise or software/plugins download. Paste the email to check and it will do the rest. Phishunt’s advantage is its user-friendly interface, which is accessible to anyone.



PhishingArmy is a free online tool compatible with various Host/DNS filtering systems and NextDNS Threat Intelligence Feed. It uses CloudFlare’s CDN to share a TXT file of blocked domains faster and more stably. PhishingArmy updates its database regularly to detect the latest threats, including phishing emails in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish, and French. It also provides a score indicating the probability of a phishing attempt, which can help users investigate the email before responding if the score is high. The tool’s advantage is its compatibility and multi-language support, providing a comprehensive phishing detection solution.


PhishingCheck checks if a given website is legitimate or a phishing site. It uses software to gather information required to investigate a suspicious website quickly. The tool displays all the required information in one place, including WHOIS, ASN, IP Address, IP Geolocation, host server information, IP owner, IP geographic location, and the Whois record. It can check Google SafeBrowsing and PhishTank databases for reputation, calculate a ‘phishy’ score, display webpage source code, and render screenshots. It also provides a detailed analysis of emails, including the sender’s IP address, URLs, and suspicious attachments.



PhishStats is an all-in-one solution that offers up-to-the-minute data and analysis on phishing attacks. By consolidating information from multiple sources, it reveals current trends and strategies. The PhishStats integration leverages the PhishStats API to scour for phishing-related events like domains, URLs, IPs, and SHA256 Hashes. PhishStats’ standout attribute is its live stream of phishing emails flagged by the platform. This feature proves handy in keeping abreast of evolving threats and safeguarding against targeted phishing schemes.



PhishTank shines a light on the darker corners of the internet by providing reliable and practical intelligence to individuals or teams seeking to uncover fraudulent activity. The platform’s main feature is a collaborative process where users can submit and rate suspected phishing sites, ensuring that the database is always current and accurate. This community-based approach enables users to identify malicious websites quickly and efficiently, making it a valuable resource for those seeking to develop security phishing tools or stay informed on the latest phishing threats.



StopForumSpam is a free real-time threat intelligence platform that detects spam and phishing attacks by gathering information from multiple sources. It records spam reports from forums, blogs, and wikis and provides access to search and views the records. With its specialized solution, Stop Forum Spam helps to prevent abuse of your website by blocking suspected spammers before they enter. Additionally, you can report suspicious emails, usernames, or IP addresses to build a community-driven database of phishing attempts. StopForumSpam is an effective alternative to traditional “solve the word” systems for preventing abuse.


ThreatCOp is a real-time threat intelligence platform that uses machine learning to detect new phishing campaigns. They focus on protecting people from evolving cyber threats by shielding organizations against social engineering and email-based attacks that exploit human vulnerabilities. Their expertly-designed products, such as Security Awareness Training, DMARC, and Phishing Incident Response, aim to make cybercriminals fail. ThreatCOp also provides a threat score for each URL, domain, or IP address to give an idea of the associated risk level.

URL Scan 

URL Scan is a free online tool that scans URLs for malicious content. is a free online service that analyzes websites by simulating user browsing activity and capturing related data. It logs the domains and IP addresses contacted, resources solicited, screenshots, DOM content, and cookies created by the webpage. The platform tracks over 900 brands and generates scan results highlighting potential malicious activity. The tool produces a report that includes information about the URL, screenshots, HTTP requests, and attack prevention advice. The tool is easy to use; users can enter the URL to scan it. All the analysis is done on URLScan’s servers and the tool is free.


Phishing.Database is a platform that provides real-time threat intelligence related to phishing, Malware, and Ransomware attacks. In addition to being essential for the protection of every internet user and business, open disclosure of any illegal behavior, such as Phishing, Virus, and Ransomware, is also essential for the gathering of information necessary to take down these illegal websites. The tool uses a combination of user reports, threat intelligence feeds, and machine learning algorithms to identify phishing attempts and other cyber threats. Phishing.Database also allows you to report suspicious email addresses or websites, which will help build a community-driven database of phishing attempts. It aggregates data from various sources and provides insights into the latest phishing trends and tactics.


PhishingInitiative is a free tool that offers real-time information about phishing attacks. It collects data from multiple sources, including social media and dark web forums, to identify new phishing campaigns. Users can report a suspected phishing website, which will be analyzed and blocked in participating web browsers. Users may lessen the impact of cybercrime and stop others from falling prey to online fraud by donating to this initiative. PhishingInitiative provides real-time threat intelligence, making it an effective tool for combating phishing attacks.

Phish Report


Phish Report is a free tool that analyzes phishing emails to identify cyber threats. The tool uses user reports and machine learning algorithms to analyze the content and structure of the phishing email, helping users identify common tactics fraudsters use. Simply forward the suspicious email to [email protected], and the tool will provide a detailed report on its content and structure. Do not click on any links or download any attachments if the report shows that the email is a phishing attempt. Instead, mark the email as spam.


KnowBe4 is a security awareness training and phishing simulation platform that helps organizations enlighten employees on recognizing and tackling phishing attacks. It offers tools and services, including phishing simulations, interactive training modules, risk assessments, reporting, and analytics. The platform is designed to help organizations manage their security awareness programs effectively and reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks. By using KnowBe4, organizations can improve their cybersecurity posture and better protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attacks.


In today’s digital world, phishing scams pose a constant threat, and identifying them is crucial for protecting yourself. The online checking phishing tools discussed in this article can assist in detecting phishing emails and websites, whether you’re a business owner or an individual. However, exercise caution and use common sense when dealing with suspicious emails or websites, as these phishing tools are not foolproof. If you’re ever in doubt about an email or website’s legitimacy, it’s best not to provide any sensitive information. These regularly updated phishing tools provide valuable insights to help avoid falling for phishing scams, but it’s important to stay vigilant and safe.

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