YouTube Alerts About Phishing Emails that Appear Authentic

By   Adeola Adegunwa
Writer , Informationsecuritybuzz | Apr 06, 2023 03:14 am PST

The authentic email address is being used in a new phishing scam that YouTube is investigating and alerting users to. The scam attempts to trick users into divulging their login information.

One of the biggest video-sharing websites in the world, YouTube, has become a target for phishing attacks thanks to its enormous user base. With the platform’s Share Video by Email tool, which sends out phishing emails that appear genuine, scammers have discovered a new way to catch YouTubers off guard. Because of this tendency, YouTube has become aware and advises users to exercise caution.

YouTube has shared information regarding a phishing scheme in which emails are sent from a legitimate YouTube account. The malicious email appears to have been sent directly from YouTube using the email address.

Creator of social media content Kevin Breeze, tweeted that the latest phishing scheme is not a counterfeit email but an exploitation of the video-sharing platform and informed YouTube of it. This shows that scammers use the platform’s sharing function to send these emails.

The phishing email contains a YouTube video and a message advising consumers of YouTube’s new monetization strategy and new guidelines, similar to past phishing scams.

A password-protected Google Drive link is also included in the email. Users are given just seven days to review and comment, or their access to YouTube will be suspended to create a sense of urgency.

Users risk losing access to their YouTube account if they open the document and provide the requested information since criminals will take it over. Most YouTube users sign in using their Gmail accounts, so this needs to be revised. Data from their Gmail account will also be stolen if their YouTube account is compromised.

Users are urged to use caution and vigilance to ensure their safety. Even if emails are sent from the company’s official email account, they should be carefully read before responding, and two-factor authentication should be enabled.

It employs a secure protocol to transport sensitive data like passwords and credit card details because of the extra “s” in HTTPS, which stands for “secure.” In your browser’s address bar, it frequently shows up as a little padlock icon, Vonny continued. Never click on a link or email if you doubt its authenticity; go straight to the source.

This latest phishing scheme warns that even the most well-known and reliable sites are not impervious to online dangers. Users should be aware of these assaults and take precautions to safeguard themselves.

More Ways To Avoid Youtube Scams

You can take several precautions to stay clear of YouTube scams:

  1. Be cautious of videos that promise instant riches or easy money. It’s usually true if something sounds too fantastic to be true.
  2. Videos asking for personal details like your name, address, or payment card number should not be trusted. Videos on YouTube that are legitimate shouldn’t ever request this information.
  3. Look for the “verified” badge next to the uploader’s name. This badge indicates that YouTube has verified the channel as authentic and owned by the person or organization it claims to represent.
  4. Use caution when clicking on links in video descriptions or comments. These links could lead to phishing sites or malware downloads.
  5. Review reviews before buying products or services advertised in YouTube videos. Scammers often use fake reviews and testimonials to make their scams seem more legitimate.
  6. Be skeptical of any video that asks you to send money or make a donation. Legitimate charities and fundraising efforts will have clear information about where your money is going and how it will be used.
  7. Report any suspicious videos or activity to YouTube. YouTube has a reporting system in place for scams and other fraudulent activity.
  8. Users are also urged to install the best antivirus software to safeguard their computers from infection. To avoid hacker exploitation, YouTube may also need to suspend the Send Video by Email feature temporarily.


A fake YouTube email account has being used to send fraudulent emails, according to several people. The email informs readers of the modified company policies. A warning regarding the current spike in phishing emails has been sent out to users by Google-owned video streaming service YouTube. According to YouTube, many customers have reported getting scam emails from phony email address that appears extremely genuine.

However, it would be best if you didn’t fall for it. The email, which appears to be from YouTube, informs users that the company’s standards have changed and invites them to follow the guidelines to evaluate the changes. Although the email urges people to do so to evaluate the modifications, you shouldn’t. The streaming platform’s official Twitter handle warned users to watch for a new wave of phishing emails circulating by retweeting the tech influencer’s tweet.

The phishing email was initially mentioned in a tweet by tech influencer Kevin Breeze. The email appears to be from YouTube, but it has a dubious email address:, and it discusses a new revenue stream for the website. The user is instructed to review the modifications in the email-attached document. There is a link and a password in the email. The user’s personal information and online security may be at risk if they click on the email, even though it appears authentic in many aspects.

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