Charter Savings Bank Hit By Computer Theft

By   muhammad malik
Chief Editor , Information Security Buzz | Dec 07, 2016 09:15 am PST

Following the news that Charter Savings Bank notified customers of potential data theft by a burglary targeting office computers, Dr Bernard Parsons, Co-founder and CEO at Becrypt commented below.

 Dr Bernard Parsons, Co-Founder and CEO at Becrypt:

bernard-parsons “The recently revealed theft of computers at Charter Savings Bank demonstrates the importance of including endpoint devices in a cyber security strategy. Strong external security is rendered useless if the device itself is simply stolen and accessed directly.

“If data at rest on laptops, storage devices, and other machines is encrypted against unauthorised access, organisations can rest assured that any confidential information will be protected in the event of theft or loss. Alongside customer data, office machines are often home to other mission critical information relating to operations or intellectual property, so the loss of an unprotected device can be devastating.”

“While in this instance Charter Savings Bank has taken pains to assure its customers that the risk is very low, having this additional line of defence will enable any organisation hit by the theft of devices to guarantee customers that any lost data will be protected from misuse by criminals. A central management system will also enable organisations to quickly assess the risk posed by any missing devices.”

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