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Bitwarden Password Vaults Subject Of Google Ads Scam

Bitwarden Password Vaults Subject Of Google Ads Phishing

Google Adwords phishing campaigns steal Bitwarden and other password managers’ vault passwords. As enterprises and consumers use unique passwords at every site, password managers must …

NIST A.I. Risk Management Framework Announcement

NIST A.I. Risk Management Framework Announcement

Today, the Artificial Intelligence Risk Management Framework’s initial version was released, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a leading voice in …

$10M Reward By The US For Hive Ransomware Links To Foreign Government

$10M Reward By U.S. For Hive Ransomware Links To Foreign Government

The FBI announced in November that since June 2021, this ransomware operation had stolen almost $100 million from more than 1,500 businesses. For information that …

3.7 Million Customers Data For Sale Data Breach At Hilton Hotels' Loyalty Program

3.7 Million Customers Data Of Hilton Hotels Put Up For Sale

A member of the forum going by the name IntelBroker has offered a database containing the personal information of 3.7 million people participating in the …

CISA: Federal Agencies Hacked Using Trustworthy RMM Software

CISA: Federal Agencies Hacked Using Certain RMM Software

A “widespread cyber effort” that employed legitimate remote monitoring and management (RMM) software to spread a phishing scam affected at least two federal departments in …

820,000 Zacks Investment Research Users Impacted By Data Breach

820K Zacks Investment Research Clients Impacted By Data Breach

The company Zacks Investment Research (Zacks) was infiltrated by hackers last year, allowing them access to 820,000 clients’ sensitive and personal data. The 1978-founded business …

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Global State Of Cyberwarfare Study

Only one-third of UK organisations have a validated plan in place to handle cyberwarfare; and 57% have stalled or stopped digital transformation projects due to the threat of cyberwarfare Armis, the leading asset visibility and security company, today announced preliminary findings from the Armis State of Cyberwarfare Report, which measures global IT and

Worldwide Ransomware Attacks Trend

According to Comparitech’s worldwide ransomware tracker, 2022 saw a huge dip in the number of publicly-reported ransomware attacks. In 2022, 769 attacks were collated by the

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