Google Wants Android Apps To Have More Control Of Data Policy

By   Olivia William
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 06, 2023 09:26 am PST

Google strives to increase the security of Play Store apps and make users more aware of how Android apps use their data. Google is adopting a new policy for Android apps developer to give users and developers more control and clarity over the data that users share with apps. This guideline requires developers to allow users to cancel their accounts and data online and within the Android apps.

Google enhances user experience by making it more straightforward for consumers to request data deletion. Users’ understanding of their data controls and confidence in Google Play and its apps will rise. Developers can currently the only state in the Data safety section of the Play Store that “You can request that data be removed.”

In the future, apps that allow users to create accounts (from within the app) “must likewise allow users to request the deletion of their account.” Both inside the app and outside, such as on the web, this deletion option must be “readily discoverable.” A “user can request account and data deletion without needing to reinstall an app,” according to the last criteria.

Google Requires That Android Apps Provide Account And Data Deletion

Developers can state in the Data safety section of the Play Store that “You can request that data be removed.” However, under the new regulation, any Play Store apps that prompt users to sign up for an account (from within the app) “must also allow users to request for their account to be canceled.”

“For apps that support app account creation, developers will soon need to give an option to begin account and data deletion from within the app and online,” says Bethel Otuteye, Senior Director of Product Management for Android Apps Safety.

The new policy mandates that whenever a user asks an app to cancel their account, the app must remove all the data connected to that account. Users can delete only specific data, such as activity history, photographs, or videos, without deleting their entire account.

The new regulations will significantly impact users of Google Play because they can now ask apps to remove their account information and related data. Even after a user uninstalls the application, the delete option will always be accessible.

Google has also asked that developers offer web-link resources so that consumers can request the erasure of their data and accounts. The business claimed in a blog post that developers must notify users when any data is erased.

The Nvidia A100 chip, according to Google, is slower and less energy-efficient than its AI supercomputer. Accounts cannot be temporarily frozen or deactivated to meet developers’ demands for data deletion. Developers must remove user data without justifiable grounds, such as security or regulatory obligations. Developers must also be transparent about how they save user data.

In terms of the new account data policy’s deployment, Google will do so at the beginning of 2024. Before then, the creators must respond by December 7 to further Data deletion questions on their app’s Data Safety form. Via Pay Console, developers can seek an extension. Non-compliant apps, on the other hand, might be taken down from Google Play after May 31st, 2024. The new rules will be reflected in the app’s Google Play store listing beginning in 2024. This applies to the new Data deletion area and the updated Data deletion badge in the Data safety section.

Incidentally, Google’s new rule is modeled after one issued by Apple last year. Apple started mandating app developers to include choices for consumers to deactivate their accounts from within apps in June 2022.


Google said this week that developers must offer data erasure within the app and online for users of Android apps. Google says developers must “present an option to start account and data erasure from within the app and online” under the new data deletion policy. The policy, scheduled to be imposed by year’s end, requires developers to disclose their apps’ privacy and security procedures. Developers must link their data safety form to a web requirement that lets users delete accounts and data without uninstalling the program.

Google Play’s data protection section currently provides information on deletion alternatives, but the new option will make data erasure easier. Google hopes to educate consumers on data controls further and build trust in your apps and Google Play by making this policy more intuitive. Upon request, developers must erase the account and any data under the new policy. Users can delete chosen data instead of their entire account.

Developers must also disclose data retention methods for valid purposes like fraud prevention, security, or regulatory compliance. Google first forces developers to answer new data deletion questions in their data safety forms. Submissions close December 7. Early next year, Google Play application listings will reflect the new guideline. Data safety will get a new data destruction area and badge. Developers may learn more about these changes on the Data Deletion help center.

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