Gov Research Reveals Lack of Cyber Preparerdness

By   muhammad malik
Chief Editor , Information Security Buzz | May 10, 2016 07:00 pm PST

Following the government’s new Cybersecurity Breaches Survey revealing how unprepared most UK businesses are for cyber attacks, cyber security expert Jens Puhle commented on this news below.

Jens Puhle, UK Managing Director of 8MAN:

“One of the most shocking revelations in the Government’s research is the fact that just 10 per cent of UK businesses have an incident management plan in place. Given that two thirds of large businesses were breached this year alone, organisations need to think in terms of “when”, not an “if” they are attacked, and it is vital they have a solid response plan in place.

“Businesses that are equipped with the ability to identify how the breach occurred and which systems   were affected will be able to mitigate the damage the impact and resume normal operations much sooner. They will also be able to take control of the aftermath, disclosing the incident on their terms and working with the authorities to catch the perpetrator.

“Being unable to perform these basic tasks will make it much more likely that a business is seen as inviting disaster on itself and its customers through negligence, rather than as a blameless victim of crime.”

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