Biometric Authentication & Cybersecurity



The journey towards a secure digital environment brings us to “Biometric Authentication” – a cybersecurity process that adds robust security by verifying user identities through their unique biological traits. This presentation will guide the audience through the varied forms of biometric authentication – including facial, fingerprint, voice and many more – presenting a more in-depth understanding of unimodal and multimodal biometrics. 

Key Learning Outcomes

By participating in this presentation, you can expect:

  • To understand the intricate levels of Biometric Authentication and how they make the digital space more secure.
  • To distinguish between various authentication methods including facial, fingerprint, voice, and unusual ones such as gait and vein recognition.
  • To grasp the differences and benefits of using Unimodal and Multimodal Biometric Authentication.
  • To explore how a combination of physical and behavioural authentication enhances security and its implementation in real-world scenarios.
  • To understand the potential risks associated with Biometric Authentication, including bias, privacy concerns, and failure to recognize.
  • To compare the strengths and weaknesses of biometric authentication against traditional password-based security.
  • To debunk common myths associated with Biometric Authentication, increasing awareness about the process and its implications.
  • To learn about practical use cases of Biometric Authentication in healthcare, travel, and law enforcement.


This presentation offers a comprehensive understanding of Biometric Authentication, aiming to establish that this advanced security measure, despite certain risks, is a critical tool for mitigating cyber threats. It demonstrates that an individual’s unique attributes can be a formidable linchpin in ensuring the secure usage and storage of sensitive information.

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