Cloud Data Security – CCSP Series – Chapter # 2



This presentation offers an in-depth exploration of how to safeguard data within cloud environments, outlining a shared responsibility framework between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and consumers. It navigates through the entire Cloud Data Lifecycle, illustrates its associated security needs, and emphasizes the crucial role of each organization in implementing robust data security measures.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the shared responsibility model in cloud data security, delineating CSP and consumer obligations.
  • Gain knowledge about the stages of the Cloud Data Lifecycle, from creation and storage to archiving and destruction, and the security controls needed at each phase.
  • Grasp fundamental cloud data concepts and appreciate the importance of involving all staff levels in data security strategies.
  • Learn to identify and implement vital security measures such as data classification, encryption, and key management during data creation, storage, use, sharing, archiving, and destruction, according to NIST guidelines.
  • Explore data dispersion benefits, cloud storage types, and their impact on security posture, along with the tools and practices used to maintain data security, such as DLP, IAM, and tokenization.
  • Understand the significance of data governance, compliance, audit trails, and accountability—elements critical for maintaining integrity and meeting legal and regulatory standards concerning data security.


This presentation consolidates a wealth of information on cloud data security strategies, encompassing conceptual knowledge and practical measures. It serves as a comprehensive guide to devising and implementing a security model that ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and availability across all lifecycle stages within the cloud.

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Cloud data security css series chapter 2.