Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security – CCSP Series – Chapter # 3



This presentation offers a robust dive into the essentials of Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security, providing a comprehensive overview of the foundational principles that ensure the integrity and security of cloud-based environments. From initial architecture considerations across various cloud models to the nuanced responsibilities shared between Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) and customers, this content is a definitive guide for current and aspiring Cloud Security Professionals navigating the cloud security landscape.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Comprehend the key components comprising cloud security architecture, including physical, service, and communication layers.
  • Articulate the Shared Security Responsibility Model, delineating CSP and customer obligations.
  • Recognize the strategic role of a Cloud Security Professional in aligning business objectives with security measures, enabling continuity, disaster recovery, and cost-efficient scalability.
  • Understand the core components of cloud infrastructure security, including the physical environment, network integrity, compute resources, and virtualization.
  • Identify security requirements for different cloud types: private, community, and public.
  • Explore the importance of maintaining cloud network integrity through secure protocols and encryption.
  • Examine the roles and responsibilities associated with cloud compute resource security for both CSPs and customers.
  • Delve into virtualization security, cloud storage protections, and management plane security, outlining key responsibilities and tools.
  • Assess and design secure cloud data center strategies that reflect logical and physical best practices.
  • Analyze cloud-related risks, applicable frameworks, and the components of an effective mitigation strategy.
  • Discuss the integration of Business Continuity Plans (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) within cloud environments to leverage native cloud features for maximum resilience.


Mastering Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security is critical for safeguarding cloud environments in an era of increasing digital dependency. This presentation encapsulates the current landscape of cloud security, delineating a clear roadmap for protecting infrastructure and platforms through strategic, well-informed approaches. The relevance of shared responsibilities, security best practices, and the necessity of continuous planning and testing create a well-rounded knowledge base essential for optimizing cloud security.

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