Exploration from OSI Layers to Security Protocols and Beyond – CISSP Study Guide – VII



Embark on a comprehensive journey through the intricacies of network security with the ‘CISSP Study Guide – Chapter 8: Telecommunications and Network Security.’ This presentation delves into the OSI Model’s pivotal role in the promotion of hardware and software interoperability and underscores the importance of understanding each layer to ensure a secure and efficient network.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Grasp the basics of the OSI Model, including the purpose and functions of its seven layers, to enhance systemic security.
  • Analyze the specific services, roles, and protocols associated with the Application, Presentation, and Session layers.
  • Discover the critical aspects of Transport and Network layers, focusing on connection types, data delivery assurance, and logical addressing.
  • Map out the parallels between the TCP/IP Model layers and the OSI Model, clarifying their interoperation and relevance in networking.
  • Distinguish between different types of IP and MAC addressing, and understand the encapsulation process integral to network communication.
  • Contrast network transmission methods and their applicability in synchronous, asynchronous, broadband, and baseband contexts.
  • Learn about the various wired and wireless technologies and their implications in network design and security.
  • Explore WAN and remote connection technologies, along with the cellular wireless techniques, vital for global connectivity.
  • Dive into the vital network security protocols and components necessary to safeguard against common network attacks and identify risk mitigation strategies.


This session concludes with a critical evaluation of networking’s expansive role in a connected world, emphasizing the security measures and knowledge required to protect information integrity. Through a detailed examination of communication models, addressing schemes, transmission methods, and security protocols, participants will leave with a solid foundational understanding critical to designing and securing modern network infrastructure.

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The cover of a comprehensive exploration from ids layers to security protocols and beyond.