Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies – CISSP Study Guide – IX



Dive into the foundations of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) with our CISSP Study Guide’s Chapter 10. This presentation equips professionals with a deep understanding of how to differentiate between nondisasters, disasters, and catastrophes, encompassing technological, man-made, and natural origins. Explore the critical principles that underpin effective disaster response and continuity strategies, as well as master the development of plans that safeguard operations against unexpected events.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between varying levels of business disruptions and their sources.
  • Grasp the core aspects of Disaster Recovery and aligning necessary organizational assets.
  • Develop proficiency in business impact analysis to inform Business Continuity Planning.
  • Recognize the interplay between BCP, DRP, and Contingency Plans, emphasizing systemic availability, reliability, and recoverability.
  • Delve into Business Impact Analysis stages and understand resilience metrics like MTBF, MTTR, RTO, and RPO.
  • Learn the critical role of senior management and necessary committees in the continuity planning scope and life cycle.
  • Identify and integrate preventive controls, appreciate the significance of insurance, and examine various backup strategies.
  • Formulate robust recovery strategies and prioritize the restoration of assets and resources with a focus on operational integrity and security.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities within recovery teams, ensuring attention to security and safety.
  • Conduct comprehensive BCP testing, analyze outcomes for continuous enhancement, and maintain relevant and accessible documentation.


This presentation underscores the import of a robust Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery strategy, highlighting practical steps for risk identification, planning, and response to ensure organizational resilience. The content presents a dense, yet comprehensible blueprint vital for professionals seeking to fortify their establishments against unforeseen disruptions.

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A comprehensive guide to business continuity and disaster recovery strategies.