IoT Threat Modeling


IoT Security Series – Chapter 3


Our “IoT Security Series –  IoT Threat Modeling” presentation delves into the complexities and challenges of securing IoT devices from potential threats. This engaging and in-depth exploration provides a roadmap to understanding threat modelling in the IoT landscape, demonstrating prevalent issues, typical vulnerabilities, and cutting-edge threat modelling frameworks such as STRIDE and DREAD. Utilizing a case study, we systematically look at threat vulnerability in a Smart Home Security System—exposing risks and practical countermeasures for an interactive, real-world understanding.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose and principles of IoT Threat Modeling.
  • Identify recurring issues in IoT security, such as Resource Limitations, lack of Standard Security Controls, and Update Challenges.
  • Grasp the nature of IoT Device Vulnerabilities including OS Vulnerabilities, Custom Application Risks, and Security Bypass possibilities.
  • Understand the application of STRIDE and DREAD frameworks for robust IoT Threat Modeling strategy.
  • Gain insights from a case study focusing on Smart Home security systems, illustrating how STRIDE and DREAD frameworks are applied in realistic scenarios.
  • Learn about alternative threat modeling approaches—frameworks, diagram types, and models, that can be tailored to specific assessment needs.
  • Walk away with Best Practices on securing IoT, integrating regular assessments, comprehensive security strategies, and collaborative efforts.


The “IoT Security Series – Chapter 3: IoT Threat Modeling” presentation is essential learning for anyone looking to broaden their understanding of the IoT threat landscape. By unpacking the intricacies of IoT vulnerability, diving deep into renowned threat modelling frameworks, and offering holistic best practices, we empower you to secure IoT architectures effectively and proactively.

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