Next-Gen Software Challenges and Solutions – CISO’s Secure Software Guide – Part II


Key Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the transformation in software development, from solitary efforts to collaborative dynamics, and its security implications.
  • Recognize the security challenges and opportunities presented by repositories and open-source software, including vulnerability management and patch updates.
  • Gain insight into the prevalence of Git repositories in development workflows and the importance of securing and managing repository usage.
  • Learn strategies for managing and securing third-party code to mitigate technical debt and enhance security.
  • Explore the variables influencing enterprise software evolution, including the shift towards cloud computing and dynamic software management.
  • Examine the critical balance between fostering software innovation and adhering to regulatory compliance within cloud environments.
  • Appreciate the emergence of cloud-native and serverless architectures and their unique security challenges.
  • Equip oneself with strategies for adopting multicloud strategies and maintaining shared security accountability across diverse operating environments.


Embracing the evolution of security in the era of rapid software advancement is indispensable. The presentation encapsulates the need to acknowledge changing software practices and their security requirements, emphasizing the integration of automated security measures within development and operational frameworks. The careful adaptation to security needs is underscored as a fundamental aspect of ensuring enterprise resilience in the face of next-generation software challenges.

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An exploration of next generation software challenges and solutions.