The Rise And Rise Of SIP-Based Cyber Attacks

By   Information Security Buzz Editorial Staff
Chief Editor , Information Security Buzz | Dec 06, 2016 10:38 pm PST

Following the recent report from IBM’s security intelligence group about the rise of cyber-attacks on VoIP Session Initiation Protocol, Angela German, Director of Marketing at VoipSec, commented below.

Angela German, Director of Marketing at VoipSec:

 “The rise and rise of SIP-based Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks using the VoIP protocol Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) have been growing in 2016, accounting for over 51% of the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) security event activity analysed in the last 12 months, according to a new report from IBM’s Security Intelligence group.

VoIP risks extend beyond spam and eavesdropping. These phones connect a large variety of devices, and cybercriminals can weaponise any internet-connected corporate or consumer device. And increasingly, hackers are targeting these vulnerabilities to infiltrate and exploit these networks.

This trend highlights the growing importance of ensuring appropriate security protocols for VoIP phones and networks. Unfortunately, still far too many companies (SMEs in particular) are either not fully aware of the financial risks or assume that the security available – traditionally the hardware-based Session Border Controller (SBC) – is too complex or costly.

In fact, cloud based technology can provide companies with an essential first tier of voice security through simple download and install virtual SBC.  Moreover, software based SBCs, either on premise or in the cloud, can also explore community led intelligence about threats and risk experiences to rapidly disseminate new threat information and best practice.”