The Security Culture Summer Camp 2015

By   muhammad malik
Chief Editor , Information Security Buzz | Apr 13, 2015 06:27 pm PST

The Roer Group is now accepting students for its Security Culture Summer Camp 2015!

Kai Roer leads this summer program. Roer has been in the information security community since 1994. He has based his career primarily on developing organizational communication leadership and security culture. Towards this end, he has hosted training programs and given speeches in 30 different countries across four continents.

The Security Culture Framework Summer Camp 2015 is an e-learning summer camp where we mix pre-recorded lessons with live Google Hangouts; where the students get to ask the teacher questions, and discuss their learning every week.

The Summer camp digs into what security culture is, before we learn how to use the Security Culture Framework to build and maintain security culture. As a student on this course, you will follow lectures (one hour lectures, plus one hour Hangout per week), do assignments alone or in groups (up to three hour per week), read articles and papers on security culture, and interact with both students and your teachers.

By the end of the summer camp, you will know how the security culture framework works, and how it will help you build and maintain security culture, and you have developed a plan for growing and building security culture in your organization. An actionable plan – ready to be implemented by the end of the summer camp!

Why should you attend?

By attending the Security Culture Summer Camp 2015, you will:

  • Meet other people interested in building great security culture
  • Learn how you can take your awareness trainings and create actual results
  • Learn to build and maintain security culture
  • Learn to use and apply the Security Culture Framework
  • Learn how to measure awareness and culture; and why it matters!
  • Learn how to define realistic and relevant goals for your awareness work
  • Learn how to involve the right people in your security culture work group
  • Learn how to choose the topics and activities that makes you reach your goals
  • Learn how to apply your existing knowledge to plan, execute, measure and revise your security awareness activities
  • Learn how to use the Security Culture Framework to communicate your budgetary needs to the management
  • Become a security culture advocate!
  • Become a Certified Security Culture Practitioner, a certificate that sets you apart!

Who should attend?

The Security Culture Summer Camp 2015 will be attended by students with a broad background, including:

  • CISO
  • CSO
  • CIO
  • IT-Security Manager
  • Marketing and Communication professionals
  • HR and Training professionals
  • Consultants

Anyone with an interest in security culture, awareness and security behaviors will benefit from participating in the Security Culture Summer Camp 2015.

In addition to lectures, you will meet students with different levels of experiences who will broaden your understanding, you can hang out with your teachers Kai Roer and Mo Amin, two of the core creators of the Security Culture Framework, and you will be making your very own Security Culture Activity Planner.


The Security Culture Summer camp 2015 starts June 25, with the first Google Hangout taking place June 25th at 1800CET / 1700GMT / 1200EST / 0900 PST to accommodate the needs for students around the world.

How much is it?

The cost of enrollment is $599 per student. However, our reader will get 15% discount ($509.15 per student). Please click here to register and get 15% discount.

What you pay for:

  • 5 weeks of lectures (8 sections, 40+ video lectures, several assignments, live hangouts, and much more!)
  • Hangouts with your teacher and fellow students
  • Access to the video lectures as long as you like after the course
  • Direct access to your main teacher (a USD4000 value) during the entire Security Culture Summer Camp 2014
  • Graduation as a Certified Security Culture Practitioner

Why wait? Click the Enroll button below to get 15% discount!










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