Following the news that email and website hosting provider 123-Reg suffered what it has described as a “huge scale” DDoS attack, Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer at Corero Network Security commented below.

Dave Larson, Chief Operating Officer at Corero Network Security:
Dave Larson_Corero_CTO“DDoS against hosting providers, or the tenants they serve are a daily occurrence. While most attacks in a hosting provider environment are typically lower in bandwidth and possibly more sophisticated in nature, a 30Gbps attack is not uncommon, and can be mitigated in real-time with automated DDoS protection solutions. Re-routing traffic to a scrubbing center or dropping or black-holing all  traffic destined for the intended victim would be considered a ‘best effort’ approach to mitigation.  The latter approach might alleviate collateral damage against other tenants but perfects the attack against the victim.  In a time where 100% service availability for hosted customers is critical, any downtime or latency due to DDoS is simply unacceptable, when there are solutions available today that can easily solve this problem instantaneously.”