Expert Comment On DMA: Give Power To The People

Cloud-Native Vulnerability

Followings the EU’s agreement on the Digital Markets Act last night, the world’s farthest reaching law to address Big Tech’s monopoly, cyber security experts reacted below. The act will stop tech ‘gatekeepers’ from using their power to box in users and squash emerging rivals, creating a fairer, more competitive market. Google will no longer be able to […]

Marriot Data Breach – Expert Weighs In

It has been reported that Marriott International Inc. has suffered yet another data breach, the second time the hotel chain has had data stolen this year. Initially reported by, an unnamed hacking group claimed to have stolen roughly 20 gigabytes of data. The data, including credit card information and personally identifiable information on guests and workers, […]

UK Councils And Hospitals At Risk Of Cyber Hackers

It has been reported that an ITV News investigation into cyber security at UK public services has revealed an enormous disparity in defence budgets, hundreds of potential website vulnerabilities and the email addresses and passwords of staff at one council posted in full online.

ZuoRAT Malware Targets SOHO Routers In North America, Europe – Expert Comment

Researchers at Lumen’s Black Lotus Labs are reporting on a newly discovered multistage remote access trojan (RAT) dubbed ZuoRAT. The RAT has been used to target remote workers via small office/home office (SOHO) routers that are rarely patched and so easy points of entry. Researchers first noticed the attacks in April of 2020, coinciding with […]

Almost Half Of UK Organisations Now Encrypt All Data, According To Annual Apricorn Survey 

Spy on Encrypted Internet Traffic

Remote working and rise in ransomware drive IT leaders to manage risk with mandatory encryption  Nearly three quarters require encryption of data held on removable media  The number of UK organisations implementing data encryption as a core part of their cybersecurity strategy has continued to rise, with 32% introducing a policy to encrypt all corporate […]