2015 in Cyber Security: What Can We Expect?

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 05, 2015 05:04 pm PST

This year started in much the same vein as 2014 departed, with a high-profile hack of US computer networks. The global industry was still reeling from the attack on Sony when the US Military Central Command’s Twitter account was hacked by the IS terrorist group.

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The attack on CENTCOM was also timed to coincide with U.S. President Barack Obama’s address on cyber security.

Cyber terrorism and everyday life

It’s clear from just these two episodes that cyber terrorism at every level is now a common thread, reported upon just as often as physical incidents are. That cyber terrorism now penetrates commercial as well as political systems needs to serve as a warning, too; it is little wonder that IT security recruitment is being ramped up in every quarter.

War games

January saw cyber security take up much of the January meetings between UK PM David Cameron and Barack Obama.

Prompted by the increase in the rate of terrorist cyber attacks and actions being played out by groups such as Anonymous and Lizard Squad, the two agreed to conduct joint ‘cyber war games.’

It is understood that those working in IT security jobs in the financial sector will be the first to be tested. Said to be an ‘unprecedented’ arrangement, war games are typically used by armed forces to hone skills and highlight weaknesses.

Money, money, money

The rising threat of computer attacks will result in a great deal of spending at a state and corporate level.

In 2014 as well as in previous years, spending steadily increased. As attacks become more sophisticated, this spending will continue to rise with a greater percentage of budgets needing to be set aside for information security recruitment.

There will also be greater investment in other counter terrorism systems, policies and procedures.

Information security jobs and roles

Simply throwing money at the issue is far from the complete solution, however. Just as important is understanding specific threats. Each business, state department and individual will be targeted for a different reason.

Whether it is in pursuit of corporate assets and wealth, information, disruption or humiliation, there will always be a unique reason. Intelligence gathering, learning and the sharing of knowledge is therefore essential, which is why staff training and recruitment will need to be robust.

Businesses will have to increase the number of personnel they have working in cyber security, including those in business continuity, CISSP, IT risk, and penetration testing jobs.

The common denominator of cyber security in 2015, therefore, is that there is no common denominator – everyone is a target. From international political agendas to personal steps, everyone needs to be concerned with protecting their presence in the digital channels.

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