24 Billion Usernames And Passwords Found On The Dark Web

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 17, 2022 08:09 am PST

Researchers at Digital Shadows report having collected over 24 billion usernames and passwords from the dark web – an increase of 65% in just two years. Even after removing duplicates, they still found 6.7 billion unique credentials, an increase of 34% in just two years. Excerpts:

  • We collated more than 24 billion compromised credentials.
  • approximately 6.7 billion credentials had a unique username-and-password pairing
  • The most common password, 123456, represented 0.46 percent of the total of the 6.7 billion unique credentials.
  • Information-stealing malware persists as a significant threat to your credentials. Some of these tools can be bought for as little as $50, and some go for thousands, depending on functionality.
  • 49 of the top 50 most commonly used passwords could be cracked in less than a second. Adding a special character to a basic ten-character password adds about 90 minutes to that time. Adding two special characters boosts the offline cracking time to around 2 days and 4 hours.