3rd-Party Vendors Behind 20% Of Healthcare Data Breaches

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 17, 2019 06:10 am PST

Research published in a new report on the state of cybersecurity in healthcare organizations included findings that third-party vendors were behind 20% of healthcare data breaches in 2018. 

Matan Or-El, CEO at Panorays: 

matan or el“This latest research illustrates why it’s so crucial for healthcare organizations to check the cyber posture of their third parties. For this, healthcare organizations need to build a policy and to require vendors to abide by that policy.    

How can organizations enforce suppliers’ adherence to a certain security standard?   

First, suppliers’ security posture should be assessed using an inside-out view—security questionnaires that check that suppliers comply with regulations and internal company policies.   

Second, and for a comprehensive view, the inside-out view should be combined with an outside-in view, which checks the public-facing digital footprint of the supplier to uncover any vulnerabilities.    

It’s important that this evaluation is not done as a one-time process; rather, there must be continuous monitoring of cyber posture throughout the supplier-organization business relationship.”