4th Generation Bots Quietly Data Scraping

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 19, 2016 12:13 pm PST

Data scraping attacks are getting more sophisticated with 4th generation bots, and not even the most prepared companies are safe. Just recently, LinkedIn realized it’s been the target of ongoing data scraping since December 2015. See the story here. Omri Iluz, CEOat PerimeterX commented below.
Omri Iluz, CEO at PerimeterX:

omri iluz“Scraping using advanced bots that are able to create fake accounts and circumvent most of today’s security systems represent a significant step up from yesteryear’s attacks. We identify the software being used by the attackers as 4th generation bots and are seeing an exponential growth in the usage of such bots for scraping and other types of attacks in the past year. Many organizations are the victim of 4th generation bot attacks but are completely unaware due to the ability of these bots to mimic human behavior almost perfectly, overcoming most of the techniques being used today to stop them. Organizations need to set up traps that identifies the behavioral of human vs. bot in order to catch the non-human visitors, instead of using traditional signature based approach.”