65% Say Legacy Backup Solutions Aren’t Up To Ransomware Challenges

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 12, 2022 06:28 am PST

HYCU researchers are reporting 65%  of respondents lack full confidence in their legacy backup solutions (HYCU’s in the multi-cloud backup-as-a-service biz). Excerpts

According to the report, 65% of surveyed enterprise organizations are increasing spending on detection, prevention and recovery, and respondents are beginning to understand that air-gapped or immutable backups are the only ways to ensure that the backups themselves don’t fall prey to encryption worms when ransomware hits.

Key findings include:

●      52% of ransomware victims suffered data loss

●      63% of victims suffered an operational disruption

●      Just 41% air gap their backups

●      Just 47% routinely test their backups

●      Only 35% of respondents believe their current backup and recovery tools are sufficient