6Scan Announces Automated Malware Quarantine for Websites

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 04, 2014 04:00 pm PST

6Scan, a leading provider of automated website security services for small businesses, has announced that it is adding Automated Malware Quarantine, a patent-pending real-time malware detection-and-response technology, to its suite of website scanning, vulnerability repair and malware remediation solutions. This new technology effectively automates malware protection, securing websites from emerging threats as soon as they appear.

Malware a significant threat to small business websites

The ability to detect and immediately react to web-based malware is critical as small businesses are targeted by increasingly sophisticated attacks.  Microsoft, in an attempt to stem the rampant distribution of web-based malware, recently seized control of 5 million subdomains that were using Dynamic DNS service No-ip.com. Dynamic DNS, often combined with advanced cloaking techniques, is used by sophisticated hackers to conceal their attacks.  These techniques make it imperative to address attacks quickly on the first pass before they go into stealth mode and re-emerge later.

“As threats to small businesses become more advanced, solutions need to keep pace” explains 6Scan CEO Chris Weltzien. “And for small businesses, with limited resources and few, if any, dedicated IT security staff, it’s critical that these solutions are proactive and automated. With our latest release, 6Scan makes powerful real-time protection available to business and organizations of all sizes, regardless of their internal IT resources.”

The upward trend of small businesses managing their own websites amplifies this need. The National Small Business Association 2013 Technology Survey found that 66% of small businesses maintain their own websites, up 15% from the 2010 report.   Meanwhile the report indicates that 64% of companies consider maintaining their sites “a major challenge.”

Protection that’s faster than hackers

85% of malicious links are hosted on hacked legitimate websites, according to industry research, and small businesses bear the brunt of these attacks. Smaller sites are often targeted because they have few security resources available. Once they have been hacked and infected with website viruses, these small business run the risk of distributing malware to their customers and even being blacklisted—effectively disappearing from search engines and popular browsers.

6Scan’s comes to the rescue of small businesses with Automated Malware Quarantine, the industry’s first real-time malware solution that works automatically on the web application layer. This new approach dramatically reduces the risk window between infection and removal. Automated Malware Quarantine is available to 6Scan customers now as part of its Professional and Enterprise security suite offerings.

About 6Scan

6scan_logoHeadquartered in Tel Aviv’s booming technology startup district, 6Scan’s mission is to reverse the rising trend of successful website hacks, making the Internet a safer place for website owners as well as for users. As more and more websites use 6Scan’s one-click, always-updated protection, hackers will have less and less surface area to perform their attacks.

To learn more about 6Scan, please see this report published by 451 Research.