76% Of Financial Institutions Plan On Using Crypto In The Next 3 Years

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 12, 2022 05:22 am PST

The adoption of cryptocurrency is continuously increasing. With the many advantages such as the efficiency and transparency of payments, it is no surprise that financial institutions are eager to get involved in crypto. At BanklessTimes.com we have analysed the newest research on the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and the issues associated with its use.

Key Takeaways:

  • 76% of global financial institutions plan on using crypto within the next three years.
  • Financial Services firms added three times as many crypto jobs last year compared to 2015.
  • The number of Coinbase users has reached over 8 million.
  • Regulations or the lack of regulations in crypto are still an issue for many financial institutions.
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Jonathon Merry
September 12, 2022 1:24 pm

Institutional adoption of cryptocurrency is now inevitable. The benefits of cryptocurrency are too great to ignore, and financial institutions are starting to realize this. The traditional banking system is changing, and crypto is leading the way. A few years from now, if you don’t have exposure to crypto, you will be at a disadvantage.

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