Aftermath Of WannaCry

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 27, 2017 09:48 am PST

A recent survey by 1E (PDF) shows that one in ten organizations were infected by WannaCry malware. The survey also revealed that 86% of organizations do not apply patches immediately after they are released, while 23% are not able to apply patches within a month after a release. Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing at Plixer commented below.

Bob Noel, Director of Strategic Relationships and Marketing at Plixer:

 “In the pursuit of digital business transformation, organizations have deployed a vast number of technology systems, applications and infrastructure. The number and velocity of patches that are released across this vast array of systems creates a situation where it is not possible to deploy them all. There are not enough resources available or windows of scheduled downtime to allow every patch to be applied as soon as it is released. It can be very difficult for organizations to understand and prioritize the risk associated with every patch. This leads to a situation where every organization is constantly vulnerable to a broad spectrum of attack surfaces. Breaches are inevitable. Patch management remains important but in a world where there are always systems lacking the latest patch, organizations must focus investment and resources on incident response technologies and process. Network Traffic Analysis monitors every conversation on the network and provides contextual and historical forensic data to quickly identify root cause and return to normal when bad things happen.”

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