Albion Games Online Forum Suffers Data Breach – Experts Insight

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 20, 2020 05:27 am PST

A hacker has breached the forum of Albion Online, a popular free medieval fantasy MMORPG, and stole usernames and password hashes, the game maker disclosed on Saturday. “The intruder was able to access forum user profiles, which include the email addresses connected to those forum accounts,” said Sandbox Interactive GmbH, the company behind Albion Online. The attacker also harvested encrypted passwords. Sandbox Interactive said the passwords were hashed with the Bcrypt password-hashing function and then salted with random data to make it harder for attackers to reverse and crack the password. “These can NOT be used to log in to Albion Online, the website or the forum, nor can they be used to learn the passwords themselves,” the German game maker said. “However, there is a small possibility they could be used to identify accounts with particularly weak passwords.” Users who reused emails and passwords for both their game and forum account are at particular risk.

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