AlgoSec Automatically Discovers And Maps Business Application Connectivity

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 20, 2016 12:20 pm PST

New capabilities support business-driven approach to security policy management

AlgoSec, the market leader for Business-Driven Security Policy Management, today announced the availability of AlgoSec AutoDiscovery. An integral component of AlgoSec’s industry-leading security policy management solution, AlgoSec AutoDiscovery automatically identifies all business applications and services based on actual traffic flows, and generates an up-to-date connectivity map for all applications — without requiring any prior knowledge or manual configuration by security, networking or application experts.

Companies often struggle to identify their applications and their dependent network traffic flows across today’s complex enterprise environments. This is because they have little to no up-to-date documentation on application connectivity, and it can take months to gather this information. But this visibility is critical when business applications are moved or migrated, whether to another on-premise data center, or to next-generation infrastructure such as VMware NSX, or a public cloud platform, such as AWS or Microsoft Azure. To successfully migrate application connectivity it is also imperative to assess the impact of changes in connectivity on security, performance and compliance before the start of the project. Even the most minor of mistakes in reconfiguring network traffic flows can cause an outage or a security hole.

AlgoSec AutoDiscovery delivers the missing piece for a complete lifecycle approach to security policy management. By automatically discovering all relevant business applications and their connectivity flows migration projects can be completed with greater speed and accuracy.

AlgoSec AutoDiscovery enables users to:

  • Automatically discover all the business applications across the enterprise network through AlgoSec’s IP probes, analyzing Netflow information, or by using existing packet sniffing infrastructure.
  • Automatically identify and map all the connectivity flows for each business application and any interdependencies with other applications.
  • Automatically identify and display discovered business applications, including their names and URLs, for easy viewing and analysis.
  • Automatically tag business applications to easily create security policies for next-generation firewalls and Software Defined Data Center (SDDC).

“With breaches frequently making front page news, it’s easy to forget to that security is first and foremost about enabling business applications. This is especially true as organizations prepare to migrate to cloud and SDN environments,” said Edy Almer, VP of Product at AlgoSec. “With this capability AlgoSec now delivers a complete workflow for automatically managing the migration of business applications — from application connectivity discovery and migration, through ongoing management and compliance, to secure decommissioning.”

Support for AlgoSec AutoDiscovery is available immediately for all AlgoSec customers.

AlgoSec will be discussing key technical use cases for the AlgoSec AutoDiscovery at a webinar on Tuesday, July 26 at 11am EDT. For more information and to register, please go here.

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