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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 09, 2015 05:05 pm PST

After years and years of headlines and statistics about Android security and malware, ranging from questionable statistics to outright bs, Google finally fired back with some hard numbers through a report titled “Android Security State of the Union 2014”.

Android malware headlines

Through conversations with the Android Security Team over the years, I know having the data to refute the headlines but not being able to make it public was a big thorn in their side. So props to Google and the Android Security Team for finally publishing some detailed metrics on the real scope of the threat to Android devices.

Long story short: it’s nowhere near as dire as many of the mobile antivirus companies want you to think it is. But hey, truth doesn’t help sell their product, so to each their own.

PDF of the report is here.

China’s Non-Denial Denial of Service

It’s well-known that China is not a fan of anyone trying to subvert the Great Firewall (GFW) censorship system. Based on the the 118-hour denial of service attack on GitHub, it’s clear that that indirect support of anti-censorship information can make you a target too.

GitHub denial of service

While the Chinese government did not admit to the attack, it was interesting that they didn’t explicitly deny the attack either. When a Chinese official was questioned on the GitHub attack during a press conference, she stated:

On your second question, it is quite odd that every time a website in the US or any other country is under attack, there will be speculation that Chinese hackers are behind it. I’d like to remind you that China is one of the major victims of cyber attacks.BOOM! What a deflection! That’s US-presidential-debate-level spin right there! But interestingly, no outright denial. As James Mickensinfamous article predicted, sometimes your adversaries will “hold a press conference and say ‘It wasn’t us’ as they wear t-shirts that say ‘IT WAS DEFINITELY US’”.

Of course, China’s not the only one doing this…

US-North Korea denial

So, apparently non-denial denial of service is the new norm for state vs. state cyber conflict.

Please read the rest of this article on Duo Security’s blog here.

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