Anonymous #OpIsrael Participants Targeted With RATs By Unknown Threat Actor

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 06, 2017 07:15 pm PST

Following the news that Anonymous members who wanted to participate in this year’s annual #OpIsrael cyber-attacks were the targets of an intelligence gathering operation carried out by an unknown threat actor. Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS commented below. 

Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst at NSFOCUS:

StephenGates_Professional“Activists who desire to participate in these Anonymous-led operations must realize that any DDoS tools they download, likely come with a host of other intentionally-designed threats.  From Remote Access Trojans (RATs) designed to assume identities and pilfer money, to purpose-built surveillance code that can pinpoint the participants, these free tools are potentially rife with “other” malware.   In addition, the tools may not be designed to allow spoofing, further identifying the IP addresses of those who participate.  Using a Smartphone to partake in these operations that is connected to a 4G network is never a good idea as well, since mobile operators will likely be able to pinpoint the sources of attacks. Beware – those who wish to participate, may end up becoming the victim themselves.”