ASG Software Solutions and New Net Technologies announce collaboration to manage IT security threats through EAMS

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7th November 2013: ASG Software Solutions (ASG), a recognized innovator in enterprise IT software solutions, and New Net Technologies (NNT) have announced a collaboration to manage IT security threats through ASG’s Enterprise Automation Management System (EAMS).

The collaboration between ASG and NNT has resulted in an integration of the EAMS platform and NNT’s Change Tracker, and extends the capabilities of EAMS to provide real-time security threat detection with cross-platform compliance monitoring. EAMS brings together all aspects of the IT estate and its assets under a common platform to provide a unified view of exactly what is happening throughout all layers of the business.

NNT’s Change Tracker offers a full suite of change management, file integrity monitoring, and policy management tools for any Linux/Unix, Windows and network devices. It provides an easy to use auditing and change detection solution for improved security, compliance and IT management.

The partnership addresses the critical and challenging need to effectively manage complex IT environments that often rely on disparate infrastructures. Using a sophisticated engine developed from ASG’s own software, and utilizing market-leading solutions to manage niche technology aspects, EAMS collates information on all the organization’s IT assets. It matches the data with the related business service through advanced correlation capabilities, displaying the real-time data via at-a-glance dashboards.

NNT Change Tracker has been seamlessly embedded within EAMS as the IT infrastructure change and performance monitoring aspect of the platform. The software not only monitors changes to devices at the forensic level, but also audits the entire IT estate for vulnerabilities and policy compliance, providing intelligent analysis of log events and file integrity changes that could prove hazardous. This information drives a top level dashboard, providing a holistic view on the health of the IT infrastructure. Metrics reported include the number of detected changes, and of these, which are scheduled and planned, and which are unplanned. The overall picture incorporates all indicators necessary to establish a healthy and secure IT environment that meets compliance requirements.

With EAMS mapping multiple applications and the infrastructure resources they depend on to the business functions they provide, NNT Change Tracker plays a key role in providing an end-to-end view of the security, health and availability of the infrastructure, allowing users to pinpoint the root cause of emerging problems for quick resolution before they impact the business.

“NNT has established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the IT and data security market by developing Enterprise-class security and compliance solutions,” said Alan Bolt, EVP & CIO at ASG. “We see much of their functionality, such as real-time, continuous monitoring of the environment and identifying who made the change, as critical in pre-empting and managing IT security threats.”

ASG Software Solutions manages the underlying technology of industry leading companies and global 5000 organizations, such as American Express, Coca-Cola, DaimlerChrysler, General Electric, HSBC, and IBM. ASG helps reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle for its clients.

About ASG Software Solutions |

A recognized innovator in enterprise IT and business software solutions, ASG Software Solutions has been optimizing 85 percent of the world’s most complex IT organizations for over 25 years. We create and deploy unique software solutions that reduce cost, mitigate risk and improve service delivery throughout the IT lifecycle. ASG’s comprehensive solutions help you solve today’s challenges, such as cloud computing and big data, while driving your business forward by providing insight and control across cloud, distributed and mainframe environments.

About New Net Technologies |

New Net Technologies is a global provider of data security and compliance solutions.

We are firmly focused on helping organizations protect their sensitive data against security threats and network breaches in the most efficient and cost effec­tive manner.

New Net Technologies’ easy to use security monitoring and change detection software com­bines Device Hardening, SIEM, CCM and FIM in one integrated solution, making it straightfor­ward and affordable for organizations of any size to ensure their IT systems remain secure, malware-proof and compliant with the corporate build-standard at all times.

New Net Technologies will safeguard your systems and data, freeing you to focus on delivering your corpo­rate goals.

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