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Cyber Security Experts Analysis Of REvil Ransomware: Lethal Mix With Powerful Results
July 06 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
Acting as a RaaS, REvil relies on affiliates or partners to perform its attacks. The REvil developer...
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Experts Insight On US Pipeline Shut After Cyberattack
May 12 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
Using AI technology helps prevent ransomware attacks like the Colonial Pipeline breach, by spotting...
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Smart Cities, A Gold Mine of Data - How Can Organisations Protect Themselves?
May 10 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
If it can be hacked, it will be. As the IoT booms to 67 billion new connected devices by 2025, the n...
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Experts Insight On Facebook Data Leak
April 08 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
As the price of personal data climbs, breaches of any size - let alone half a billion users - shoul...
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Experts Reaction On Verkada Hack Affecting 150,000 Of Its Security Cameras
March 11 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
The hack on Verkada\'s camera systems is a warning to even the most innovative of companies, and sho...
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Expert Reaction On GCHQ To Use AI In Cyberwarfare
March 01 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
Even the best cybersecurity teams have had major challenges this last year. There has been a sharp...
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Experts Reaction On Serco Ransomware Attack
February 02 , 2021 by Adam Enterkin
The news of the attack on Serco today continues a trend we have seen developing over the last year....
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Experts Reacted On Mass Exploitation Of The Pandemic By Cybercriminals - NCSC Annual Report
November 05 , 2020 by Adam Enterkin
The exploitation of COVID by cybercriminals is not a surprise. An increase in phishing and fraud dur...