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COMMENT: 'Hi Mum, Hi Dad' Scams On The Rise - Britons Already Tricked Into Paying £1.5million
August 04 , 2022 by Andy Renshaw
These scams are about coercion and manipulation of emotions. Individuals need to be careful about wh...
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Cybersecurity Expert Reaction On UK's Financial Regulator Scraps 90-day Authentication Rule
December 01 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
Changing the 90-day rule so that a user can authenticate once for all their banks will help remove...
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Cybersecurity Experts Reaction On Contactless Limit Of £100. Is it Security Risk?
October 18 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
While done with the objective of boosting high street shopping, this move means that banks will have...
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Security Expert Reaction On Bank Of England Considering Digital Money Plan
April 22 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
The shift towards digital payments was already well underway before the pandemic, but the national l...
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Cybersecurity Expert Insight On Romance Scams This Valentine's Day
February 11 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
Romance scams are much more widespread type of fraud that we\'d like to think. The US\'s Federal Tra...
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Data Privacy Protection Day (Thursday 28th) - Experts Comments
January 28 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
Consumers and businesses need to pay close attention to fraud techniques that have become increasing...
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Expert Opinion On Fraud Epidemic In UK 'Is Now National Security Threat'
January 27 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
The numbers presented by the RUSI are certainly worrying and highlight the importance of equipping p...
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Expert Insight On Scam-as-a-Service Operation Made More Than $6.5 Million In 2020
January 18 , 2021 by Andy Renshaw
These groups operate in plain sight: their ads are genuine, but victims are later directed to a mali...
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Expert On Facebook Introduces Whatsapp Carts
December 10 , 2020 by Andy Renshaw
This move by Facebook and WhatsApp is a clear indication of where consumerism is heading and what co...
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Expert Reaction On Cybercrime Cost The World Economy More Than $1 Trillion In 2020
December 09 , 2020 by Andy Renshaw
The McAfee report findings are hardly surprising given the current economic situation. Businesses an...