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NHS 111 Cyberattack And Experts Reactions
August 08 , 2022 by Bill Conner
We are dealing with an escalating arms race. At the same time, threat actors have gotten better and...
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Play Elden Ring? It's Just Been Hit With Ransomware
July 14 , 2022 by Bill Conner
"The attack on Bandai Namco is another example of how relentless cybercriminals are in their search...
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Nordex Cyber Incident Shuts IT Systems
April 05 , 2022 by Bill Conner
Whether it’s elections, tariffs or natural disasters, countries and organizations alike currently...
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Breaking Comments On Red Cross Cyber Attack
February 17 , 2022 by Bill Conner
Cyber attacks like WannaCry and Not-Petya demonstrate governments can and will, use nefarious means...
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Red Cross Hack Leaks Data Of 515,000 Vulnerable People
January 20 , 2022 by Bill Conner
Cyber risk affects virtually every kind of enterprise. It is not a matter of if, but when. Companies...
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UK And US Join Forces To Strike Back In Cyber-space
November 19 , 2021 by Bill Conner
Whether it’s elections, tariffs or natural disasters, countries currently tend to operate independ...
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UK Govt Advisor Warns: Universities The Latest Frontier For Cybercriminals
September 21 , 2020 by Bill Conner
That hackers are targeting universities during this especially delicate time will come as no surpris...
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Experts On Russian Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Research
July 17 , 2020 by Bill Conner
Cybercriminals perpetrate their attacks for one or more of four core motives: financial gain, politi...
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Comment: Ransomware Attack Takes US Maritime Base Offline
January 06 , 2020 by Bill Conner
The U.S. Coast Guard’s announcement that a computer virus forced a maritime base offline for more...
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Texas Cyber Attack Has Taken 23 Government Agencies Offline
August 23 , 2019 by Bill Conner
Its too easy to demand and receive ransom payment without the risks associated with traditional data...