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Chief Deception Officer

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Expert Commentary
Planned Parenthood LA breached, Experts Weigh In
December 06 , 2021 by Carolyn Crandall
Planned Parenthood and their patients appear to have become victims to yet another ransomware incide...
Expert Commentary
Experts Reaction On Computer Giant Acer Hit By $50 Million Ransomware Attack
March 29 , 2021 by Carolyn Crandall
We have also seen a trend in these large-scale attacks that is troubling. The compromise of Active D...
Expert Commentary
Cybersecurity Experts Weigh In On Jan. 28 Data Privacy Day
January 28 , 2020 by Carolyn Crandall
Protecting data privacy should be a board level priority for all organizations. Understanding both l...
Expert Commentary
2020 Cybersecurity Landscape: 100+ Experts' Predictions
December 01 , 2019 by Carolyn Crandall
2020 will be the year of API connectivity. Driven by the need for on-demand services and automation,...
Expert Commentary
Comments: Why Are SMEs Facing Rising Cybercrime?
September 26 , 2019 by Carolyn Crandall
Why cyber criminals are targeting SMEs? Most cybercriminals prey on human error, manipulation, an...