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Ethical Hacker Shares Insights On UC San Diego Health Data Breach
July 28 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
In an effort to support patients and staff during the pandemic, the healthcare sector has had to qui...
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Experts Weigh In On Kaseya Ransomware Attack
July 07 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
The thing I find most concerning about this attack is the coupling of supply-chain techniques to gai...
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Ethical Hacker Shares Insight On My Egg Bank Ransomware Attack
June 22 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
This breach is an intensely personal reminder of the complex cybersecurity risks which exist in all...
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Expert Commentary On CISA Warns Of APTs Exploiting Fortinet Vulnerabilities
April 07 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
Networking equipment tends to be central to a company\'s operations. This incident of attackers capi...
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Expert Commentary: Several Thousand Addresses Leaked In FHKC Insurance Data Breach
February 04 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
The pandemic has put a global spotlight on the wealth of sensitive data insurance organizations poss...
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Expert Commentary: Phishing Attack Impersonates UK NHS To Obtain Sensitive Consumer Data
January 27 , 2021 by Casey Ellis
The critical importance and widespread uncertainty around the COVID-19 vaccine put the global spotli...
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Cyber Security Predictions 2021: Experts' Responses
December 18 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Governments are collectively realizing the scale and distributed nature of the threats they face in...
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U.S. Government Victimized By Russian Cyberattacks – Expert Commentary
December 15 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Well funded, talented, motivated nation-states exist as a crowd of potential adversaries with divers...
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Expert Commentary: New House Approved Legislation Risks Prosecuting Ethical Security Researchers
September 23 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
By enacting The Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act, the U.S. government might seek to det...
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Expert Commentary: Voatz Wrongly Accuses Ethical Hacker
September 04 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Voatz’s corporate disclosure in the introduction of this brief is the exact reason why they should...
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Expert Commentary: Uber Covers-up Ransom Payment For PII Of 57M Drivers
August 24 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Today\'s rather escalates the ethical considerations around how Uber responded to its 2016 breach in...
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Expert Commentary: Unsecured databases exposes 3.1M+ patients' data
August 12 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
This researcher’s discovery of Adit’s unsecured database and disclosure to the company is a text...
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Expert Commentary: Apple iOS Security Research Device Program
July 23 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
The iOS Security Research Device program is a step in the right direction for Apple, as they are a h...
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Expert Insight On SAP Critical Bug Allows Unrestricted Access to ERP, CRM
July 15 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
This is the second major Java-based 0-day in the wild in as many weeks targeting widely deployed, In...
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Industry Experts On Verizon DBiR 2020
May 20 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
The 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) is a yearly staple for the security indust...
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Industry Leaders And Cybersecurity Experts Insight On Marriott International Data Breach
April 01 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Like the OPM, Anthem, Dulles and the 2018 Marriott breach, this breach is just another in a long str...
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Walgreens Mobile Data Leak - Commentary From Experts
March 03 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Fortunately for consumers, the short exposure window of the vulnerability and the specific condition...
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Google Project Zero Changes Rules On Revealing Cyberattacks
January 09 , 2020 by Casey Ellis
Project Zero’s policy and disclosure update is a solid concession given the amount of time it can...
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2020 Cybersecurity Landscape: 100+ Experts' Predictions
November 25 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
Elections: Cybersecurity is a Citizen Problem New media and western democratic processes will collid...
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Expert Comments On Audit Voting Machine Arlo
November 22 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
The DHS’s launch of Arlo is a great initiative to ensure trust in elections. Voter concern that el...
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Bugcrowd Founder On Phineas Fisher Bounty
November 19 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
It’s easy to forget that many-to-one multiple-solution crowdsourcing has worked for information of...
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Experts Comments Linux Malware (Skidmap) Illicit Cryptocurrency Mining
September 18 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
The sheer amount of work put into commodity malware that targets Linux is what I find interesting ab...
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Ukrainian Nuclear Power Plant Cryptomining Arrest
August 26 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
There’s an ever growing set of ways to illegally monetize IT assets. When electrical power can be...
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Critical Flaw Within Canon DSLR Camera Can Lead To Ransomware Attack
August 13 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
I’ve been waiting to see what target the ransomware threat/business model would go after next, and...
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Bugcrowd On Apple’s New Bug Bounty
August 09 , 2019 by Casey Ellis
Apple\'s bug bounty program is in a unique position, given it needs to compete with an established o...