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Revolut Hack Exposes Data Of 50,000 Users, Fuels New Phishing Wave
September 20 , 2022 by Chris Clements
Lately it seems like in addition to the normal approaches of stealing data and launching ransomware,...
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Ransomware Group Have Threatened To Leak Over 1m Medical Records
September 15 , 2022 by Chris Clements
Any sort of fantasy of honorable thieves in cybercrime should be long dead by now. Even if one or t...
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Lazarus APT Uses Log4j Flaw To Hack US, Canadian Energy Co's - Cyber Experts Comment
September 12 , 2022 by Chris Clements
In every country, critical Infrastructure entities such as energy companies are specifically and reg...
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NHS IT Supplier Held To Ransom By Hackers
August 15 , 2022 by Chris Clements
This cyberattack is further evidence that all organizations must adopt a culture of security that in...
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120K Priority Health Members Impacted By Third-Party Data Breach
August 11 , 2022 by Chris Clements
Cybersecurity risk from third parties has risen to a level that no organization can afford to neglec...
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Data of 820,000 NYC Students Compromised In Hack Of Online Grading System
March 29 , 2022 by Chris Clements
Responses by breached organizations similar to Illuminate’s “…no evidence of any fraudulent or...
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South Denver Cardiology Associates Discloses Data Breach Affecting 287,000 Patients
March 15 , 2022 by Chris Clements
The reported timing of the breach detection was one of the faster responses I’ve seen in recent ye...
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Over 100,000 Medical Infusion Pumps Vulnerable To Years Old Critical Bug
March 04 , 2022 by Chris Clements
Medical devices tend to be the worst offenders in providing simple and timely mechanisms for patchin...
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BlackByte Ransomware Breached US Critical Infrastructure
February 15 , 2022 by Chris Clements
A large failing in the cybersecurity industry has been a lack of transparency from victims on how at...
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Red Cross Hack Leaks Data Of 515,000 Vulnerable People
January 21 , 2022 by Chris Clements
This attack is beyond disgusting, but sadly not surprising. Any data that is valuable to threat acto...
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Are Companies Unprepared For Ransomware Attacks On Weekends And Holidays
November 18 , 2021 by Chris Clements
Ransomware gangs often time the “impossible not to notice” final part of their extortion campaig...
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CISA Releases Directive For US Agencies To Address Software Vulnerabilities
November 04 , 2021 by Chris Clements
It’s an unfortunate fact that some government agencies can be among the slowest institutions to im...
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New Android Malware Steals Millions After Infecting 10M Phones
September 30 , 2021 by Chris Clements
It’s unfortunate that it’s gotten to the point that you can’t fully trust apps in official fir...
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Expert Comment: Howard University Cancels Classes After The Ransomware Attack
September 08 , 2021 by Chris Clements
Educational institutions and especially universities are popular targets for ransomware gangs for se...
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Experts Responses on Verizon DBiR Findings
May 14 , 2021 by Chris Clements
Phishing continues to be a potent weapon for cybercriminals to breach their victims. It’s a number...
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IoT Maker Sierra Wireless Suffers Ransomware Attack - Experts Reaction And Advice
March 25 , 2021 by Chris Clements
Sierra Wireless claims that they don’t currently believe that any customer services or products ha...
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Expert On Hundreds Of Thousands Immigration And COVID Records Exposed In Jamaica
February 19 , 2021 by Chris Clements
This breach continues to demonstrate that while you can outsource your security, you cannot outsourc...
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Expert Reaction On SHAREit Recent Vulnerabilities
February 17 , 2021 by Chris Clements
An alarming number of mobile apps are developed by novice coders or outsourced third parties with li...
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Experts Reactions On Cyberpunk 2077 Studio Falls Victim to a Ransomware Attack
February 10 , 2021 by Chris Clements
High profile organisations like CD Project Red are targets of disproportionate attacks both due to t...
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Expert Commentary On Crypto Exchange EXMO Hacked
December 22 , 2020 by Chris Clements
A best practice is not to store and hold large amounts of funds in hot wallets on exchanges but rath...
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Experts Insight On People's Energy Data Breach
December 18 , 2020 by Chris Clements
There must be a fundamental change in mindset regarding information security for all organizations....
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Hoard Of Spotify User Data Exposed By Hackers' Careless Security Practices - Experts Reaction
November 24 , 2020 by Chris Clements
It’s easy to blame users for poor password hygiene, but the reality is that it’s very difficult...
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Experts On 5.8 Million RedDoorz User Records For Sale On Hacking Forum
November 11 , 2020 by Chris Clements
The good news is that RedDoorz appears to have used a secure hashing algorithm, bcrypt, to secure us...
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Cyber Experts Comment On Bitdefender Report: The ‘New Normal’ State Of Cybersecurity
November 05 , 2020 by Chris Clements
For the past three decades or so, organizations have invested in centralized information security co...
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Insight into Universal Health Services cyberattack
September 30 , 2020 by Chris Clements
This absolutely massive attack targeting UHS shows that even large national organisations can be tak...
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Experts Commentary: 235 Million Instagram, TikTok And YouTube User Profiles Exposed In Massive Data Leak
August 20 , 2020 by Chris Clements
These days it’s near impossible to know whose hands your online data ends up in. A sea of data bro...
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Security Experts On Carnival Hit With Ransomware Attack Exposing Data
August 19 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Attackers move swiftly to exploit critical vulnerabilities. Any organization that is not equipped t...
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Experts Insight On FinTech Unicorn Dave Data Breach
July 28 , 2020 by Chris Clements
The data breach of Dave’s customer information highlights the dangers of improper IT security vend...
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Expert Insight On Instacart Customers’ Personal Data Sold On Dark Web
July 24 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Attribution is a common problem for data posted for sale on dark web forums. It’s possible that In...
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Expert On Family Tree Maker Exposing Users' Private Information
July 23 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Exposures from misconfigured servers and applications are among the most embarrassing security incid...
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Expert Comment: Roblox Accounts Targeted By Pro-Trump Hacking Campaign
July 01 , 2020 by Chris Clements
We expect to see continued escalation of politically motivated hacking as the 2020 presidential elec...
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Expert Insight On New WastedLocker ransomware
June 24 , 2020 by Chris Clements
It is interesting that Evil Corp’s new WastedLocker ransomware did not include any data theft func...
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Experts Insight On Honda Confirms Its Network Has Been Hit By Cyberattack
June 10 , 2020 by Chris Clements
A well-known information security best practice is isolating any internet accessible servers into a...
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Expert Reaction On DopplePaymer Ransomware Infected The Network Of One Of NASA's IT Contractors
June 04 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Supply-chain cyberattacks from vendors or business partners can blind-side businesses who haven’t...
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Experts Reaction On 26 Million LiveJournal Credentials Leaked Online
May 28 , 2020 by Chris Clements
The LiveJournal is a case study in security failure from start to finish. The breach has been well k...
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Experts Reaction On Red Cross Urges Halt To Cyberattacks On Healthcare Sector Amid COVID-19
May 27 , 2020 by Chris Clements
I suspect this will have little to no impact in stemming cybercrime operations for the foreseeable f...
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Home Chef Data Breach: Experts Commentary
May 21 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Unfortunately like the vast majority of breached companies, it appears that Home Chef was only alert...
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Expert Comment: New Node.js Malware Distributed by Fake U.S. Dept of Treasury Emails
May 20 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Cyber criminals are always quick to leverage current events in order to compromise their victims. I...
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Expert Insight On Ramsay Malware Targets Air-Gapped Networks
May 15 , 2020 by Chris Clements
The Ramsay malware has all the hallmarks of a state-sponsored intelligence operation. It has capabi...
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Experts Comments On iPhone's Could Be Vulnerable To Email Software Hack
April 23 , 2020 by Chris Clements
These attacks on iOS devices have been exploited for over 2 years by nations states and professional...
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Experts Comments On iPhone's Could Be Vulnerable To Email Software Hack
April 23 , 2020 by Chris Clements
These attacks on iOS devices have been exploited for more than two years by nation states and profes...
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Expert Reaction On Phishing Scammers Have Started To Impersonate President Trump And Vice President Mike Pence
April 10 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Scammers take advantage of any news worthy opportunity they can to hook new victims. We’ve been se...
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Experts Reaction On A Few Ransomware Operators Promise Not To Target Healthcare Organizations During Pandemic
March 20 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Healthcare organizations should absolutely not trust cybercriminals to halt operations during the CO...
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Expert On Report: 'Malware-free' Attacks Now Most Popular Tactic Amongst Cybercriminals
March 04 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Malware-free and fileless attacks are two different concepts I would be hesitant to conflate. Malwar...
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Newly Composed Mozart Malware Found To Be Highly Evasive - Expert Insight
February 26 , 2020 by Chris Clements
Using the DNS protocol for malware command and control operations can have advantages for cyber crim...