Double-Extortion Ransomware: Double The Threat, Double The Challenges For Businesses

Unsecured Voice Calls

Ransomware actors have been a continuous threat to organisations for years, and the scale of the attacks keeps advancing. In the last twelve months alone, thirty-seven percent of UK companies have reported a data breach incident to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), with seventeen percent recording more than one incident.  Improving cyber security protection has […]

Managing Decreasing Public Tolerance For Cyberattacks

As global economies continue to battle the challenges brought on by COVID-19, millions of people around the world continue to work from home to help slow the spread of the disease. With local lockdowns happening across England, as part of a new three-tier restrictions strategy which has come into force, remote working is set to […]

Why The Cybersecurity Talent Shortage Is The Greatest Threat Businesses Face Today

With the tech sector booming and unemployment rates low, cybersecurity talent can be hard to recruit and retain. Every company faces an ever-evolving onslaught from hackers in one form or another, which is no longer about when a breach happens but how often they happen. Resilient businesses have a laser focus on cyber security, all […]