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Head of Security Analytics

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Emotet Takedown - What's Next
January 28 , 2021 by Chris Morales
Emotet was large and far-reaching. What is impressive/concerning is how it has persisted for so long...
Expert Commentary
Expert Comment On New Malware Strain Found In SolarWinds Hack
January 20 , 2021 by Chris Morales
So we are now getting into the semantics of minutia of how different malware worked so they can be n...
Expert Commentary
Industry Leaders And Cybersecurity Experts Insight On Marriott International Data Breach
April 01 , 2020 by Chris Morales
Vectra research shows that privileged access from unknown hosts occurs inside every industry, leadin...
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Expert Advises On Microsoft To End Update And Patch Distribution For Windows 7
January 15 , 2020 by Chris Morales
Windows 7 will keep working come January 15. Nothing will change overnight. It is true that Windows...
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Experts Comments: Personal Records Of Most Of Ecuador's Population Leaked
September 18 , 2019 by Chris Morales
This is yet another example of how poorly configured AWS S3 buckets could lead to an extensive numbe...