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Ransomware Gang Hacks Facebook Account To Run Extortion Ads - Expert Comments
November 12 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
As we move into 2021 we will continue to see ‘big game’ ransomware attacks continue. Often the...
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Experts On News State Bank Of Chile Shuts All Branches After REvil Ransomware Attack
September 08 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
Ransomware is particularly devastating as it’s easy to deploy and can be very effective. Cyber cri...
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Security Experts On Carnival Hit With Ransomware Attack Exposing Data
August 18 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
The Carnival data breach is particularly nasty as the hackers have gained access and stolen the ‘h...
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Experts comments on Ritz hotel targeted by scammers
August 17 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
The Ritz Hotel is notifying customers that it’s food and beverage booking system has been compromi...
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Expert Commentary: Drizly Breach And Its Implications
July 29 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
The reported Drizly data breach is interesting as it shows clearly just how long the attacker was ab...
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Experts Insight On Major US Twitter Accounts Hacked in Bitcoin Scam
July 16 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
The Twitter hack looks a classic case of insider threat. The insider’s behaviour can be malicious,...
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Expert On Phorpiex Botnet Spreading A New Ransomware Campaign Via Phishing Emails
July 15 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
Educating users is one way to help stop these types of attacks but, as we too often see, users will...
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Expert Insight: US Secret Service reports an Increase in Hacked MSPs
July 07 , 2020 by Dan Panesar
Enterprises have been hard at work modernizing their infrastructure and transitioning to the digital...