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Tequivity Cloud Server Compromise Leads to Uber Breached, Experts Reacted
December 14 , 2022 by David Higgins
“As Uber investigates its recent breach, thought to be via a third-party supply chain attack, dist...
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Identity Management Day Is On April 12 - Industry Experts Comments
April 13 , 2022 by David Higgins
Big rises in digital and IT initiatives have contributed to an accelerated number of digital identit...
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Microsoft Exchange Attack Proves the Need for Jurisdiction in Cyber Court, What Expert Says
July 21 , 2021 by David Higgins
Whenever something of this nature affects a political party, nation state involvement must be consid...
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Expert Comment on Irish Health Service Ransomware Attack
May 17 , 2021 by David Higgins
The success of this ransomware campaign is concerning for so many reasons. Previous attacks such as...
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Experts Reaction On 900 Pulse Secure Enterprise VPN Passwords Leaked
August 06 , 2020 by David Higgins
While VPNs have an essential role to provide employees and third parties with remote access, they al...
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Expert Commentary: Drizly Breach And Its Implications
July 30 , 2020 by David Higgins
Drizly is an incredibly popular service used by both consumers and organizations. This is why the Dr...
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Iranian Spying Operation Russian Hijack
October 22 , 2019 by David Higgins
The big takeaway from this is the need to understand that attackers continually adapt to remain unde...
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Experts Comments: Personal Records Of Most Of Ecuador's Population Leaked
September 17 , 2019 by David Higgins
Ecuador is not alone in moving citizen data or critical applications into the cloud, but if governme...