The Cyber Story Of The Pandemic: Our Shared Security Debt

Organisations, industry observers and vendors have all talked a lot about the pace of change in recent months. We have seen how services provision has been transformed, how rapidly new apps are rolled out, how new workflows are developed, and new ways of serving our customers. Our sheer ability to adapt to changing conditions has […]

The Top Trends Shaping The Future Of Access Management In 2021

Transformative Technology Trends in Networking for 2016

One thing that is certain in security: at any given time, there is always someone accessing their sensitive assets without crossing the traditional network boundary. It’s taken them time – and some a lot longer than others – but most organisations have now woken up to this reality. Whether it’s a remote employee using a […]

Can Bargain Hunting Put Your Company At Risk?

We’re all guilty of it. estimates that Americans spend nearly two hours a day shopping online while at work, presumably using work machines. Whether scoping out springtime sales or putting that tax refund to use, this habit effectively makes each bargain-hunting employee a potential insider threat to their organization.  The hard reality is corporate […]

With 5G And IoT, It’s A New Day With New Risks

Increased Business Risks

Connectivity as a concept has become an essential part of life, as opposed to just a luxury. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already become commonplace in our lives, thanks to all the connected devices and smart technologies we own, interacting with one another to create a fully connected network. With the global number of […]

A Year After GDPR, What Has Changed?

It’s been almost a year since the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was passed into law. And although European Elections and Brexit are continuing to dominate the news agenda, this anniversary is not one to be overlooked. DLA Piper recently put together a report uncovering fresh insight on GDPR. At the heart of this […]

Mitigating Cyber Security Threats: Looking Back On Black Friday

Just a few days have passed since Black Friday – the busiest discount shopping day of the year where retailers are competing to offer the best possible deals and bargains. But this is also the time of year where savvy cyber criminals see an opportunity. Last year, the Carbon Black Threat Analysis Unit reported that […]

Let’s Not Run Before We Can Walk: Security As The First Step For Digitised Healthcare

NHS Planning to Go Paperless by 2020

The acceleration of electronic personal health information (ePHI), coupled with an increase in healthcare technology – from cloud-based applications to IoT-enabled devices to telemedicine – has paved the way for complicated healthcare delivery networks that are goldmines for savvy cyber criminals. More exposed networks have shed light on the vulnerabilities of a healthcare service in […]

How To Avoid An Insider Threat Nightmare

Halloween Hackers after more than just Candy

David Higgins, CyberArk offers his tips and recommendations to mitigate insider threat this Halloween… As Halloween looms, it would certainly feel like the right time to think of our favourite horror stories. From an enterprise IT perspective, there are too many to keep up with these days. From the constant threat of cyber attacks from […]

How To Bring The Retail Sector Back Into Fashion

Every September sees fashion week season swing into gear. From the catwalks of Milan to London, a range of retailers compete to showcase the best designs and the rising talent behind them. But, the word ‘retail’ has not been so fashionable of late, especially on the UK high-street. From major closures such as House of […]