The Changing World Of Encryption: TLS Deployments In 2020

Online privacy is no longer about simply staying away from prying eyes. Encryption on the web plays a key role in affording us our privacy and it is constantly changing. Once reserved for login and checkout pages, cryptographic protocols like Transport Layer Security (TLS) have risen in prominence in recent times, providing a way for […]

Poll Hacks: How Cybercriminals Aim To Disrupt Elections

The UK general election is almost upon us, and it is already turning into one of the most divisive and analysed political events in the country’s history.  Discourse and debate are reaching fever pitch, from parliamentary benches and constituency doorsteps, to every conceivable media platform in play.  It is no surprise then that an air […]

Improving Safety At The Rugby World Cup, On And Off The Pitch

This year’s rugby world cup in Japan will be the biggest and most tech-enabled incarnation yet. It doesn’t have a choice. The modern-day sporting spectacle is invariably a hyper-connected production of dizzying permutations and potential. 1,8 million tickets will change hands and 400,000 rugby fans will descend on the Land of the Rising Sun from […]

Whoever Controls The Multi-Cloud, Controls The Future.

Safely navigating through a worsening threat landscape, controlling burgeoning IT complexity, and protecting gargantuan amounts of data are key to maintaining customer confidence. Going it alone, without attempting to tap into the power of the multi-cloud, seems like an increasingly foolhardy move. According to Foresight Factory’s recent F5 sponsored Future of Multi-cloud (FOMC), disruptive technologies, […]