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Breaking: JD Sports Data Breach Following Cyberattack
January 31 , 2023 by Dr. Darren Williams
“Retailers are often seen as high value targets for cybercriminals as they typically have a wealth...
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Celebrating Data Privacy Day - 28th January 2023
January 30 , 2023 by Dr. Darren Williams
“Privacy as we know it, or knew it, has become a thing of the past. With round-the-clock CCTV moni...
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37 Million T-Mobile API Data On Customers Stolen in Hack
January 24 , 2023 by Dr. Darren Williams
"This is breach #8 for T-Mobile in the last 5 years or so, the previous one affecting 48 million cus...
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Royal Mail Struck By 'Cyber-Incident' Leading To Post Delay
January 16 , 2023 by Dr. Darren Williams
"Friday the 13th brings us the 13th publicly recorded ransomware attack of the new year, and the mos...
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Is Ransomware responsible for the recent hit on Guardian?
December 23 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
“As we head into the holiday season and people start to take well-deserved time off, an increase i...
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Maple Leaf Foods Cyber Incident
November 10 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
As cyber adversaries continue to focus on making the biggest impact by affecting the most people, th...
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COMMENT: FBI Warns Cybercriminals Hijacking Home IP Addresses For Credential Stuffing
August 24 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
Zeppelin ransomware, a fairly well-known malware strain has been in known use since 2019, often to t...
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UK Water Suppliers Hacked But Hackers Extort Wrong Victim
August 17 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
With the rise of ransomware as a main attack method, criminals are running rampant to find any vulne...
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Expert Insight On RansomHouse Attacking AMD
June 29 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
We haven’t yet seen evidence of the attack on AMD, but RansomHouses’ recent attack on the Shopri...
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FBI Warning On Ransomware Attacks Against The Agriculture Sector
April 21 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
2021 was the year that ransomware went mainstream, and it was the attack on Colonial Pipeline which...
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Expert Insight On Funky Pigeon Cyberattack
April 20 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
Although the attack on Funky Pigeon hasn’t been claimed by a ransomware gang just yet, we suspect...
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BlackFog: Italian Luxury Fashion House Zegna Confirms August 2021 Major Ransomware Attack
April 12 , 2022 by Dr. Darren Williams
When it comes to recent ransomware incidents, the Italian luxury fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna joi...
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Ransomware Expert Offer Insights On BlackMatter Data Exfiltration Tool
November 03 , 2021 by Dr. Darren Williams
It’s not surprising that they are focusing specifically on extracting data, given these are ultima...