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Black Friday Security Tips By Experts
December 01 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
The thing to remember is: if the deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is. There will be...
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Expert Commentary On How Organisations Must Deal With Security Risk Because Of Fake Apps.
October 29 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
There is a big issue for most organisations who allow employees to download whatever apps they want....
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Experts Insight on Pitney Bowes Ransomware Attack
October 16 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
While it is unclear how the attack was carried out, the majority of ransomware attacks come from wea...
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DoorDash Data Breach Impacts 4.9M Users - Experts Comments
September 27 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
For the individual, there is always a challenge with protection against third-party data breaches, p...
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Experts Dots On Massive Database Of Facebook Users' FB IDs And Phone Numbers Found Online - On An Unprotected Server
September 16 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
What this really shows is that all too often large companies have little or no idea as to where all...
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Bulgaria’s DSK Bank Fined $569,930 For A Data Breach That Affected 33,000 Clients
August 29 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
While we often think of the quantity and value of the data commercial organizations hold, we often f...
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Operating System Bug Exposes 200 Million Critical Devices
July 31 , 2019 by Dr Guy Bunker
This is not the first time a ‘long term’ vulnerability has been exposed in an underlying operati...