Ed Macnair, CEO and Chairman of cloud security specialist, CensorNet has over 30 years of sales and business development expertise in the technology and IT security world. Ed led the acquisition of CensorNet in October 2014 with the aim of accelerating the company’s product development and aggressively growing web security revenues through its global channel partners and new partnerships with managed service providers.His experience in cloud security is unquestionable: he was previously the founder and CEO of SaaSID, a UK based single-sign on and application security vendor, which was acquired by Intermedia Inc. in September 2013. Before Intermedia and SaaSID, Ed was CEO of Marshal, a global web and email security company which merged with US web security provider 8e6 Technologies to form M86 Security. He also held senior management positions with MessageLabs, Symantec, IBM and Xerox.

Articles and Comments By Ed Macnair

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Watchfinder Hack: Expert Comment
September 27 , 2022 by Ed Macnair
Watchfinder’s cash rich client roster will have been a shiny target for hackers. Their email addre...
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Expert Commentary: Go-Ahead Cyber Attack
September 07 , 2022 by Ed Macnair
This is another strike on our transport systems, which luckily hasn’t yet derailed passenger journ...
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Expert Commentary On The Plex Data Breach
August 25 , 2022 by Ed Macnair
Users should not be perplexed about the need to change their password. Plex is also highlighting the...
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South Staffordshire Water Latest Target Of Criminal Cyber Attack
August 16 , 2022 by Ed Macnair
Preventing sensitive data and intellectual property from leaking into the hands of cyber criminals i...
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InfoSec Experts Reactions On First Ever UK Government Cyber Security Strategy
January 26 , 2022 by Ed Macnair
Greater collaboration is central to our defences. Not only at the intelligence level, but at the tec...
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Expert On Refunding Victims Ransomware Payments
March 30 , 2021 by Ed Macnair
It’s very unusual for hackers to offer a refund after strong-arming victims into paying a ransom....
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Remote Working - Comments And Advice
March 15 , 2021 by Ed Macnair
Last year, organisations were forced to hurriedly shift to remote working at a pace which sometimes...
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Experts On University Of Lancashire Suffers Cyber Attack
March 11 , 2021 by Ed Macnair
This incident highlights the threat cyberattacks pose to all organisations. When an incident such as...
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Subway Customers Receive 'Malware' Emails - Expert Advice
December 14 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
This is an example of why email data is so dangerous in the hands of cybercriminals. Customer databa...
Expert Commentary
Experts Warn Of Not Protecting Personal Information Resulting In Cosmetics Giant Avon Leaks
July 29 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
This is another example of a big name playing fast and loose with the sensitive data of their custom...
Expert Commentary
Experts On Russian Hackers Target Covid-19 Vaccine Research
July 17 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
In the midst of the darkest parts of this crisis, cyber crime hasn’t abated. Today’s announcemen...
Expert Commentary
Expert On Insta Star Used BEC Fraud Attack to Steal £100m from Football Club
July 07 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
The case of an unnamed premier league club losing £100 million from a Business Email Compromise (BE...
Expert Commentary
BHIM Breach Exposes Millions Of Users - Expert Insight
June 02 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
Once again, a large organisation has failed to take responsibility for the data of its customers. It...
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Expert On News: Attack on Service NSW compromises citizen data
May 14 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
There’s one clear lesson from the breach against Service NSW: never underestimate email attacks. P...
Expert Commentary Data Breach Exposes 600,000 Users - Expert Commentary
April 07 , 2020 by Ed Macnair has failed its users more than once in this case. In the first instance, the email provider...
Expert Commentary
Industry Leaders And Cybersecurity Experts Insight On Marriott International Data Breach
April 01 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
This attack leaves Marriott International red faced over a security breach once again. For everyone...
Expert Commentary
DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey - Commentary
March 27 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
This year’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey from the DCMS demonstrates the increasing sophisticatio...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Decathlon Suffers Major Breach Impacting Over 120 Million Customers
February 26 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
The scale of this breach is not only hugely embarrassing for Decathlon but also very concerning for...
Expert Commentary
Personal Details Of 10.6M MGM Hotel Guests Posted On A Hacking Forum - Cybersecurity Experts React
February 21 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
Cloud servers have been a consistent feature in many of the biggest data breach stories we have seen...
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Expert Reaction On Estee Lauder Data Exposure
February 14 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
This is another example of a big name failing to take responsibility for the way that they handle th...
Expert Commentary
Security Experts Analysis Of FBI Crime Report
February 13 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
These findings from the FBI are shocking but unfortunately just confirm what we have already seen in...
Expert Commentary
Security Experts On Texas School District Loses $2.3m In Phishing Scam
January 14 , 2020 by Ed Macnair
Once again, a single instance of human error has resulted in huge financial repercussions for an org...
Expert Commentary
Experts Insight On Media Giant Nikkei Hit By BEC Scam, Losing $29 Million
November 06 , 2019 by Ed Macnair
Although the gigantic cost of this scam makes it a particularly unusual and embarrassing case, it de...