Shadow IT – Innovation versus Risk

Shadow IT – as the name implies – is the installation and use of applications by employees that operate in an organisation’s area of shadows, without the knowledge or approval of IT. These applications have not been vetted, authorised, controlled or supported by the IT team and therefore are often not in line with the […]

Terrorism? Now is not the Time to Bury our Heads in the Sand

Terrorism has never been the most uplifting topic to talk about and perhaps that’s always been part of the problem. Collectively we need to find ways of tackling subjects that we’d rather not discuss at parties or at work. If for no other reason because they’re allowed to thrive and flourish on the very fact […]

How to Protect Valuable IP

The top secret recipe for Heinz Tomato Ketchup is thought to be known by only eight to ten people in the world; KFC’s original recipe chicken is seasoned with a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices that is held in a vault in its Louisville, Kentucky HQ; and the ingredients used by Coca Cola […]