VP of Research and Intelligence


VP of Research and Intelligence

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Cyberattack On Ukraine Amid Tensions With Russia
February 24 , 2022 by Eric Milam
Ukrainian banks and government websites are the latest victims of a cyber incident, it has been anno...
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A Single Password With The Power To Take Down Italy's Mass Vaccination Programme
August 04 , 2021 by Eric Milam
A single password with the power to take down an entire Italian region’s mass vaccination programm...
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Malicious Bot Networks Spreading Covid Misinformation Are An Increasing Threat
June 09 , 2021 by Eric Milam
While misleading information on social media is often a consequence of organic discussion within com...
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SolarWinds Hack Happened Months Earlier Than Thought
May 20 , 2021 by Eric Milam
It’s not a shock to hear that the breach occurred earlier than anticipated, as the average time fo...