Security Is A Process, Not A One-Time Project

There is no question that digitalisation has brought newfound opportunity to businesses; however, as we are all painfully aware, it has also made them more vulnerable to security risks. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s the human factor which is increasingly the weakest link in the security chain. Whether it’s the rise of remote working with people choosing […]

Security And Collaboration – Opposites That Attract

With database breaches and ransomware attacks making daily news, security is now a top priority for companies, and collaboration solutions are no exception. In the current age of global connectivity, video conferencing and collaboration technologies have become an inescapable part of doing business. Business partners and remote employees around the world rely on these solutions […]

Giving CISOs The Tools To Measure, Improve Password Security

Despite the well-publicised growth in cyber-attacks every year, both in number and complexity, businesses are still struggling to implement effective security policies. It’s no secret that weak passwords are a leading security threat and bad password habits are far too common.    Yet businesses are struggling to quantify their own level of password risk, even those that […]

Cyber Smart Staff Are The First Line Of Defence

The City of London Police announced that they will be hiring a team of cyber detectives, amid growing concerns of cyber-attacks throughout London. While these detectives will no doubt be a great asset to the police force, companies can also look to their staff to play a key role in protecting their business. The day-to-day […]