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Experts Comments on World Password Day
May 04 , 2021 by Ian Pitt
The past year alone has given hackers so many newsworthy events to take advantage of, which has caus...
Expert Commentary
Expert On Study That Brits Using Pets' Names As Online Passwords
April 12 , 2021 by Ian Pitt
Using easily guessable passwords, such as a pet’s name or a favourite football team, is a sure way...
Expert Commentary
Data Privacy Protection Day (Thursday 28th) - Experts Comments
January 27 , 2021 by Ian Pitt
Many “hacks” exploit known vulnerabilities for which patches are available, so basic security hy...
Expert Commentary
Expert Says SolarWinds Cyber-Attack Serves Important Password Security Reminder
December 22 , 2020 by Ian Pitt
The recent SolarWinds breach further proves the long-term damage and risk associated with poor pass...