How Can IAM Help To Secure The Hybrid Workforce?

Secure Passwords for the cloud

As we find ourselves under lockdown for a third time, a return to the office looks unlikely for the foreseeable future. Even when businesses do begin to reopen their doors, a sizeable part of the population will continue working flexibly. Businesses must ensure their workers can access resources and collaborate with colleagues securely at all […]

How Has The Remote Workplace Influenced IT Teams?

Over the past year, the world has been through a remote working revolution. Even those businesses which didn’t previously embrace a flexible working approach were forced to send employees home as their offices shut. Since then, the IT landscape has changed drastically as changes were made to ensure operations could continue running smoothly and securely.  […]

A Moment Of Reflection: A CIO’s Perspective On The Remote Working Transition

The coronavirus crisis has forced many companies to push ahead with digital transformation at high speed, causing many challenges for IT and security teams. Challenges include the need for extensive hardware purchases and new processes for home office work, but also connecting to the company’s own IT infrastructure and accessing files and apps that employees […]

How To Combat Security Stress In The Workplace

Work-related stress and mental illness now accounts for over half of work absences, according to figures released by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). A further study from Kaspersky found that employees are also suffering high levels of ‘cyber stress’ in the workplace. Every day, an estimated 6.3 million data records are stolen, and with […]