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Hackers Tried To Break Into The World Health Organisation - Expert Comments
March 27 , 2020 by Igor Baikalov
It’s disappointing that threat actors would attack the World Health Organization and other healthc...
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New Algorithms Identify Twitter Cyber-Bullies
September 18 , 2019 by Igor Baikalov
\"This is a very encouraging development that can help Twitter to advance their efforts in fighting...
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AI Lie Detector Developed For Airport Security
August 06 , 2019 by Igor Baikalov
It is a very interesting and promising application of AI, and I\'m surprised at the scepticism that...
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Security Lapse Exposed Weak Points On Honda’s Internal Network
August 02 , 2019 by Igor Baikalov
This is a hacker\'s dream, a treasure trove of the most sought after information. Whoever has it, ca...
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Capital One Suffers Data Breach Affecting 100 Million Customers
July 30 , 2019 by Igor Baikalov
The perpetrator of this breach was identified unusually fast and turned out to be a former employee...