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Ilia Kolochenko is a Swiss application security expert and entrepreneur. He started his career as a penetration tester and has 15 years of experience in security auditing and digital forensics. After serving in Swiss artillery troops in 2007, Ilia founded his first pentesting and cybersecurity consultancy High-Tech Bridge. In 2014, Frost & Sullivan named the company a leading service provider in the European pentesting market. Later Ilia invented and built the concept of the ImmuniWeb Platform, which combines the strengths of human intelligence with Machine Learning, and is now entirely dedicated to it.As a Chief Architect at ImmuniWeb, he leads our data scientists, security analysts and software engineers. Ilia holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Webster University, a Master of Legal Studies from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice (Cybercrime Investigation) from Boston University. Currently, Ilia is a Doctoral student (Ph.D. in Cybersecurity Leadership) at Capitol Technology University. Ilia Kolochenko is a member of Europol Data Protection Experts Network (EDEN), a Member of GIAC Advisory Board and a Committee Member at Boston University MET CIC (Cybercrime Investigation & Cybersecurity) Center. Ilia is a certified GIAC GLEG professional (Law of Data Security & Investigations) and a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US and CIPP/E) by IAPP.

Articles and Comments By Ilia Kolochenko

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Technical and Legal Risks of ChatGPT: How prepared are we with Laws on AI?
January 09 , 2023 by Ilia Kolochenko
After the global hype around ChatGPT, we may expect a turbocharged growth of similar projects that...
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Tequivity Cloud Server Compromise Leads to Uber Breached, Experts Reacted
December 13 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
“Vulnerable third parties are usually the weakest link of tech giants like Uber. After the recent...
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Comment: Telstra Is Rocked By A Data Breach With Hackers Gaining Access To Staff Info
October 05 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
The CLOUD Act certainly accelerates and simplifies complex investigations in cyberspace, being an ef...
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Is Uber's 'Security Incident' Just A Smoke Screen? Experts Weigh In
September 20 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
The allegedly immense scale and scope of the data breach may evidence a carefully planned and rigoro...
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Sephora Agrees to $1.2 Million Settlement Of Data Privacy Charges
August 25 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
Whilst being good news for consumers, this is an alarming trend for businesses. Contrasted to the EU...
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South Staffordshire Water Latest Target Of Criminal Cyber Attack
August 16 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
Whilst Europe and other regions are suffering from the unprecedented wildfires and catastrophic drou...
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How Cisco Get Hacked With 2.8GB From Corporate Network, Experts Weigh In
August 11 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
Cybersecurity and technology vendors are now massively targeted by sophisticated threat actors for d...
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Uber Admits Covering Up 2016 Data Breach That Exposed 57M Users' Data
July 26 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
“Back in 2016, virtually no state privacy-protection laws were enacted in the US contrasted to 202...
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China Fines Didi More Than $1 Billion For Breaking Data Security Laws
July 21 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
“This case tellingly illustrates that governments all around the globe finally start taking data p...
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Google Ordered To Pay Australian Politician Over Defamatory Youtube Videos
June 08 , 2022 by Ilia Kolochenko
On one side, tech giants are indeed reluctant to moderate hate speech, mobbing and sextortion posts,...
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