From Information to Intelligence: Making Cyber Analytics Actionable

John Smith, principal solution architect at Veracode, calls on vendors to ensure that companies can derive actionable intelligence from cyber analytics solutions. The number and complexity of cyber threats are constantly evolving. And traditional automated solutions, whether simple vulnerability scanning programmes or anti-virus solutions, are increasingly challenged by the new threats. Companies are now looking […]

FDA Warns Hospitals to Stop Using Hackable Drug Pumps

You may have seen news that US Food and Drug Administration is now “strongly encouraging” hospitals not to use a leading brand of drug pump over hacking fears. The BBC story is here for more details. John Smith, Principal Solution Architect at Veracode commented on the FDA issues warnings to hospitals over hackable drug infusion pumps. John […]

Met Commissioner Sir Bernard says Police Skimming the Surface of Cybercrime

Police skimming the surface of cybercrime

You may have seen news this weekend that the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan Howe said on Sky News that Police are just “skimming the surface” in their efforts to tackle cybercrime. Comment below from John Smith, Solution Architects at Veracode, the application security specialists. John Smith, Solution Architects at Veracode : It is […]