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EU Agrees on Common Position for Cyber Resilience Act to Enhance Security of Digital Products
July 25 , 2023 by John Smith
“The European Cyber Resilience Act (CRA) is a landmark piece of regulation, put in place to rectif...
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Experts' Responses: Cyber Security Predictions 2023
December 20 , 2022 by John Smith
“Each year, software and applications are only becoming a bigger part of our lives. As this demand...
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Data Privacy Day – Expert Commentary
February 08 , 2022 by John Smith
Data protection is increasingly important to businesses in Europe with the onset of regulations and...
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Supply Chain Attack On Labour Party Shows Bad Actors Have A New Favourite Tactic
November 04 , 2021 by John Smith
Whilst we are yet to know the specifics of this data breach, the incident is concerning as it highli...
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Expert Cybersecurity Comment | Twitch Data Breach
October 08 , 2021 by John Smith
The importance of robust software security tools and practices cannot be underestimated. Research sh...
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Expert React On UK Govt Investing £700k To Boost Cyber Skills
July 14 , 2021 by John Smith
It’s great to see the government is investing £700k to help develop cyber skills in the UK. The c...
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The Importance Of New EU Cybersecurity Regulations, Experts Weigh In
June 09 , 2021 by John Smith
As Europe works to pass new draft cybersecurity legislation to increase security requirements for cr...
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Experts Comments On GDPR Anniversary
May 25 , 2021 by John Smith
Since GDPR was introduced three years ago, we’ve seen a number of technology advancements impact t...
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Experts Comments on World Password Day
May 05 , 2021 by John Smith
As businesses continue to operate remotely, and companies deploy their infrastructure into online en...
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Expert Advice Developers to Improve Software Security After NAME:WRECK Disclosure
April 16 , 2021 by John Smith
What has discovered in the NAME:WRECK disclosure is not surprising given the breadth of open source...